What is Plywood

Plywood is a type of engineered wood made from thin sheets of wood veneer that are glued together with the grain running perpendicular to each other.

It’s used for many different purposes, including as an economical building material and in furniture making. Plywood can be manufactured at home or purchased pre-cut and ready to use.

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next project, consider using plywood instead of more expensive materials like hardwoods or softwoods. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about what is plywood, its types, and its uses.

What Is Plywood?


Plywood is a composite material that consists of thin layers of wood, assembled with the grain in alternating directions to create a strong and stable board. Plywood binds together for several reasons. The different plies are held together by the adhesive used in production, by adding screws or nails to hold them in place during use, or they’re held together in a decorative veneer pattern by the surface on which they’re placed.

Process of making plywood

Plywood is manufactured by heating and pressing layers of wood veneer together. It comes in many different levels of quality and performance based on what type of adhesive was used and how many plies were put together.

Plywood production requires a large amount of manual labor, which makes it more expensive than other types of engineered wood such as particleboard, MDF, or OSB. Plywood is commonly available in 4′ x 8′ sheets, with most thicknesses ranging from ½” to 1″. Plywood is sold by the sheet (or square foot), making it easy to calculate how much you need for your project.

Different Types of Plywood

Type Of Plywood

It is manufactured into various types depending upon the number of thin layers glued together. The most common types of plywood are:

Exterior plywood

Exterior plywood is made of a thin layer of wood that has been glued to another layer. It can be made from either exterior grade or interior grade wood which is determined by the characteristics of the particular type of wood used. They are both durable and can be used for many different projects such as framing, sheathing, roofing, wall paneling, and more.

Marine plywood

Marine plywood is a strong and durable type of wood that can be used in many different ways. Plywood is made of multiple layers of thin sheets of wood, glued together to create a thicker piece of wood, which has stronger structural integrity than solid pieces of wood. Plywood is often used for marine applications such as boat building because it can resist moisture and water damage better than solid pieces of wood would.

Birch plywood

Birch plywood, also known as veneer, is a thin layer of wood that has been glued together to form a larger material. Plywood is used in all sorts of construction projects, including the making of furniture and cabinets. This type of wood is stronger than anyone piece of wood and can be made from different types of tree species. The most common birch plywood is made from birch trees.

Tropical plywood

This type of plywood is made from tropical hardwoods. Tropical plywood is denser than other types. It is harder to break and therefore can be used in places where other types of plywood would not be strong enough.

Cdx plywood

Cdx Plywood is a type of exterior plywood that can be used to create an entire exterior wall for a building. It’s made from thin layers of wood that are pressed together, and it can be manufactured in whatever size and shape you prefer. Cdx plywood is very sturdy and durable, and has been tested extensively for quality assurance; it also comes with a lifetime warranty against rot or insect infestation.

Structural plywood

Structural plywood is a strong material that is used in numerous applications. It supports buildings and other structures, as well as bridges and other large buildings. Structural plywood is very durable and can last for a very long time, even in the harshest of conditions.

Hardwood plywood

Hardwood plywood comes in varying degrees of quality depending on what kind of wood was used to make it. There are also other variables that affect the quality of hardwood plywood, including the number of veneers used to make it and how much glue, is used. Hardwood plywood can be made from many different types of wood, including maple, cherry, oak, and mahogany. It is used to make cabinets, furniture, and other applications that require strong and durable wood.

Softwood plywood

This type of plywood is made from spruce or pine trees. Softwood plywood has a lower quality than hardwood, and the strength and durability of this type of plywood vary depending on what kind of softwood it is made from. This type of plywood can be used for applications such as wall paneling and covering the outside and inside of buildings to protect other materials like drywall or insulation.

Decorative plywood

Decorative plywood is a type of plywood that is often used as a decorative type material. Decorative wood can be made into furniture or other decorations, which can then be used to decorate homes, offices, and other spaces. Decorative wood is used for a variety of purposes, even though it cannot be used as a structural material.

Marine-grade plywood

Marine-grade plywood, also known as marine-grade or boat-building plywood, is a type of wood that is designed for use in conditions where it will be exposed to water. This type of wood can withstand moisture and water damage better than any one piece of wood. It has stronger structural integrity than solid pieces of wood because it has multiple layers that are glued together. These layers are made from thin sheets of wood that are glued together to create a thicker sheet.

Baltic birch plywood

Baltic birch plywood is a strong type of wooden sheet that comes in either softwood or hardwood varieties. It is made by gluing sheets of wood together to form the final product, which is then used for all sorts of purposes. Baltic birch plywood can be manufactured into large boards, which are often used to cover the outside of houses and other large structures.

Composite plywood

Composite plywood is made from a variety of materials and other types of wood, including bamboo. Composite plywood has more layers than regular plywood, which makes it able to be shaped into fittings, fixtures, and any number of fittings or tools. Composite plywood is also water-resistant and hard-wearing, making it great for all sorts of applications such as furniture and decks.

Veneered plywood

Veneered plywood is made from slices of wood that are glued together to form one solid piece. A veneer is thin, and it’s used as the outside layer of veneered plywood boards. This type of wood can be finished in a variety of ways that include painting, staining or lacquering. This makes it possible to create different types of designs for this type of wood, which is why it’s often chosen over other types of plywood for decorating purposes.

Acx plywood

Acx plywood is a brand of lightweight, Eco-friendly furniture. It is made in the USA using eastern white pine for framing and birch veneer or plywood for panels. Acx plywood uses no urea-formaldehyde, no stains, solvents, or adhesives in its production processes. The company’s environmentally focused manufacturing process creates furniture that lasts longer than traditional hardwoods.

Regular plywood

Regular Plywood or Regular Ply is simply a term that refers to any plywood that doesn’t fall into one of the other categories. Almost all plywood manufactured is regular plywood, and it’s the most commonly used type of plywood to make furniture. Regular plywood is made from several layers of wood that are glued together.

The Characteristics of plywood

Plywood is a material composed of thin sheets of wood that are glued together. Plywood can be made from softwoods, hardwoods, or a combination of both.

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Its core layers are made by cutting sheets of wood to the same size and gluing them together. Plywood has many characteristics which you need to know, including:


Plywood comes in different types of wood veneer, each with its own unique appearance. Plywood is available in any number of finishes, stains, and other treatments to give it a unique appearance.


Plywood is made from sheets of wood that are glued together in layers. The number of layers in a plywood board determines its ply rating, which also influences its structural integrity.

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Environmental impact Although manufacturing regular plywood produces some wood waste and chemical runoff, it is considered an environmentally friendly type of wood. Plywood can be made from recycled materials or harvested in ways that reduce the environmental impact.


Plywood may last for years without needing to be treated with sealants or other treatments. It’s important to note that veneer-core plywood only lasts for about 20 years before structural problems start to appear.

Fire resistance

Plywood is considered non-combustible, but it can be treated with fire retardants to ensure that it continues to burn slowly.

Chemical resistance

Plywood is considered resistant to most chemicals, but it can be treated with other applications or coatings to make it even more durable.

FAQ About Plywood

Can I use plywood for the exterior?

Yes, you can use plywood as a weather-resistant material that’s able to resist the effects of weather. It’s best to seal plywood that is used for outdoor applications.

Is plywood waterproof?

Plywood is not water-resistant or waterproof. You can apply a sealant to the surface of plywood to make it more water-resistant.

Can plywood be sanded?

Yes, you can sand plywood to smooth its surface or remove any stains from the wood veneer. But you need to use a light touch when sanding because it can damage the surface of the wood veneer if too much pressure is applied.

What is the strongest plywood?

Medium-density overlay (MDO) plywood is the strongest type of plywood. It has a high density that makes it resistant to damage.

What is plywood mainly used for?

Plywood is typically used for home-construction projects, especially sub-flooring. It’s also used for furniture construction and DIY woodworking projects.

Can you paint plywood?

Yes, you can paint plywood to enhance the appearance of the wood veneer or apply a coat that protects it from damage.

Final Word:

Hope you have got your answer, what is plywood? how to make it, the type of plywood, and its related many topics. So, you can apply plywood as material for your new project. If there is still any doubt then please comment below. Thanks to all.


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