What Is A Compound Miter Saw?

What Is A Compound Miter Saw

As a contractor or a handyman, you must have a complete functioning workshop. To achieve this, you need to have high-quality tools to work with. Tools make work easier and so you need to understand every tool that you intend to use. I will explain thoroughly what a compound miter saw is, its features, considerations as well as uses.

When choosing a tool it should not only be budget-friendly but also it should accomplish the task at hand. This review will assist you to save time. Also, it will enable you to decide the best compound miter saw for every angled cutting desire.

What Is A Compound Miter Saw?

A compound miter saw is a type of miter saw that rotates the head and the blade at a diversity of angles enabling for the cutting of different angles other than 90 degrees. It allows for more composite cuts by creating a ramp angled cut into the face of the wood.

The compound miter saw is usually used in homes to carry out trim works. The compound miter saw is also known as a single compound miter saw. This means that the head just rotates when angled on one side requiring you to flip to cut angles in other directions.

Compound Miter Saw Uses

Compound miter saw can cut miter, bevel or sloped cuts, angled and crosscuts. It is also used to cut a compound cut which includes both miter and bevel. A compound miter saw is capable of tilting the blade itself up to 45 degrees.

  • Single compound miter saw: tilts the blade in one direction
  • Dual compound miter saw: tilts the blade in both directions

Regular Crosscuts

You uses regular crosscuts when cutting a board in half. The compound miter saw makes it possible due to the following reasons:

It is very simple to array the cut line. You just need to place a board alongside the fence then move down the handle to spot where the blade will cut the board. You can also have a laser guide that will give you an idea about where the cut will be done. Using the laser guide you don’t need to set the saw against the fence.

You can also use a sliding miter saw to cut wide boards depending on the boards’ thickness.

Angled Cuts

To make angled cuts, you have to set the compound miter saw to the required angle. You can set a compound miter saw to cut at least 45 degrees either to the right or left directions. The saw has an angle gauge situated by the side of the base of the saw that is simple to read. Angled cuts are useful in the following situations:

  • Home trim work when finishing a basement or remodeling your house.
  • When you want to put a floor down you will be required to cut some slats at an angle.
  • Making frames in woodworking projects that have angles

Bevel And Compound Angled Cuts

A bevel cut is when the compound miter saw carries out angular cuts but it can cut bevel cuts in one direction only, either left or right. If you want to cut in the opposite direction, turn the material. But if you are dealing with a larger material, then you need to move the tool.

A compound angled cut is carried out by a double bevel saw. It allows you to achieve compound cuts from zero to 49 degrees in two directions. Therefore, no need to turn over your work. The saw has stops at 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 49 degrees in both directions. Compound angled cuts are suitable when you want to make several angled cuts in both directions on a sole workpiece.

Other Considerations

There are several things to consider when deciding on the usefulness of a compound miter saw. This will help you to do quality work using the least time possible. There are three major things to consider which include:

Repeatable Cuts

Sometimes during your work, you will require to make several cuts of the same length. To achieve this you can put a stop on an end of the work surface then bump your workpiece alongside that stop. This will help you make repeatable cuts of the same length. This would be difficult to make with hand tools or circular saw. Therefore, a compound miter saw will make the work easy and fast for you by using the repeatable cuts. The work will also be accurate as the boards will be of the same length.

Built-In Workbench

You can decide to put up a workstation that incorporates the miter saw into its task. This will make it trouble-free to site the boards and grasp them in position as you cut. The compound miter saw lies beneath the surface making the work area to level across the way. Your task will be less tiresome and fast to compete.

Sliding Saw

A sliding miter saw helps you to cut broader portions of wood of up to 12 inches. The saw contains powerful 15-amp motors and they are easy to maintain. The boards will be of much exactness depending on the saws’ thickness. I greatly recommend you to go for a sliding miter saw in case you get a chance. This is because it is pocket-friendly and also you will not be limited to a certain size of the wood to work with. It is also exhausting to turn over the wood each moment you cut a very broad.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

A compound miter saw offers a variety of important uses including:

  • Bevel or sloped cuts
  • Angled cuts
  • Crosscuts
  • Miter cuts
  • Making regular boards
  • Compound angled cuts

In case you need to carry out the above task, a compound miter saw is a tool to use. It is easy to use and also it is the most affordable tool to acquire. The cuts formed are not only accurate but also beautiful. Though it is more complex to operate, it has become an exceptional preference for nearly everyone.

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