MLCS Router Bits Overview

Amongst all other woodworking tools, a router is arguably, one of the most versatile woodworking tool that you’ll come across. No matter which brand or how hi-tech it is, the router bits are the soul of the router. Choosing the right router bit, concerning its size and style is extremely crucial to get the job done.

Broadly, there are 10 basic router bit shapes. More, or less, all the styles of bits available, fall into one of these ten basic shapes. So, if you have a right kind of router bit for your task you can accomplish as many tasks as possible. Be it trimming laminates or decorating edges, this versatile tool with adequate router bits makes everything possible. In this article we will discuss all about MLCS Router Bits.

How to Choose a Router Bit

How to Choose a Router Bit

When it comes to the router bits, the market is flooded with varied options, making it difficult to choose the right one. And if you are looking for the best ones, then it becomes even more challenging. So, let’s take a look at some of the basics that you should look for while choosing a router bit:

1. Sharpness: More the sharpness of the router bit, less the power it requires to cut. Infact, a sharper router bit cuts way better and is more safe than an unsharp router bit.

2. Material: Basically, a router bit is made up of three different materials; High Speed Steel, Carbide Tipped, and Solid Carbide. Most router bits are made from either high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. Carbide bits are more expensive than HSS bits and lasts way longer than HSS bits.

The HSS bits are perfect for softwood, while the Carbide Tipped Router Bits works perfectly for hardwoods and other hard materials. Lastly, the solid carbide ones are the most premium amongst the three, and are only meant for certain specific applications.

3. Shank Diameter: Router bits are most often available in 1/4″ and 1/2″ shank diameters. Choosing 1/2″ shank bits over 1/4” is more preferable as this diameter bit has four times the cross-sectional surface area, which makes them more rigid and stronger. However, there are some routers that only use ¼”. So, make sure to check before buying one.

4. Balance: Good bits are well balanced, therefore results in minimal vibration. The router bits with a good spin serves the purpose.

5. Manufacturer: Who doesn’t want value for money? Its very important to buy a brand that you trust and can associate with. Same goes with router bits. Make sure to buy from a reputed brand or manufacturer on whom you can rely on.

Now, once you have understood the basics, here’s a short overview of one of the most popular router bits brand in the market: MLCS. Take a look:

MLCS Router Bits Overview

A lot of hoopla is going around the MLCS Router Bits, since the day it this brand came into existence. Basically, MLCS acted as a bridge between the huge gap of quality and affordability in the router bit industry. MLCS was formed by some frustrated woodworkers in their quench of thirst for good quality carbide tipped router bits, that are also affordable at the same time.

MLCS Router Bits

With friendly customer service, and top notch technical help, MLCS is winning hearts with its top-quality products. In case woodworking is your hobby or you are just a beginner in this profession, and don’t want to invest much on the router bits then the MLCS Router Bits are a total blessing for you. Let’s evaluate its features in detail:

1. Sharpness

As far as sharpness is concerned, these MLCS Router Bits works best on the softer woods, but are average on the hardwoods. So, on hardwoods you won’t get the same fineness. To get that perfect cut, you need to trim the edge.

2. Material

Made from high-quality material these router bits feature premium quality carbide tips. The best part is that these all-purpose sets contain a few each of the best router bits, such as straight, roundover, rabbeting, etc.

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So, no matter what your plan is to do with the router, ypu’ll be having all the standard bits that you’ll need to get the job done. It also features an eye-appealing wooden box that effectively stores all the bits.

3. Diameter

These bits use 1/2-inch shanks, so there is minimal vibration and you don’t have to worry about the tears outs.

4. Longevity

As far as life duration is concerned, they are not much durable and also will not last as longer as some of the expensive router bit sets. They dull out and wear down over time with continued use, in comparison to some other best quality bits. Therefore, they work best for the novice practicers who doesn’t use these routers too often.

5. Economical Price

Undoubtedly, no other router can beat its price. Easily the cheapest option that is available in the market, that’s why it is first choice of the beginners.

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We are not saying that these are just the best that is available in the market. All we are saying is that given the quality and price, MLCS Router Bits are totally excellent and offers an incredible quality finish. Since it offers carbide tips, handle it carefully to prevent it from any kind of damage.


If you have cost in your mind, and are looking for the perfect starter set then MLCS Router Bits is simply unbeatable. Undoubtedly, they offer excellent value for quality. Obviously, you get what you pay for. So, in case you seek more quality and pricing is not an issue for you, you can look for some other best brands in the market.

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