How to Sand Wooden Floor with Orbital Sander

Wooden Floor sanding is a process that is essential to ensure a long-lasting finish on your wood surfaces. It removes any previous finishes and smooths the surface before applying the new finish. To create a durable, low sheen finish, use an orbital sander and DYI sanding paper and you will have a beautiful, smooth finish. This can be done by yourself.

The process of how to sand wooden floor involves sanding with orbital sanders, by hand or with the help of power tools using sanding disc and pads to achieve a smooth surface. The easiest way to sand a wooden floor is to use the orbital sander. This article will show you how to sand wooden floor using orbital sander and sandpaper.

Introduction About Orbital Sander

Orbital Sander

Orbital sander is a power tool that is used to sand the surface of various materials such as wood and iron. In simple terms, it uses an internal rotating pad to sand the surface of different materials in a circular motion, thereby reducing the overall sanding time required and making it more convenient.

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Orbital sanders are available in several sizes, shapes and with different features. The most common features include dust collection, variable speeds and a power cord.

How to Sand Wooden Floor

Sanding wooden floor using orbital sander is a one-time job. It can be performed by yourself with the help of an orbital sander. However, for better results, it is advised to get the help of an expert.  Now follow this five easy step to sand wooden floor by yourself.

Step 1: Prepare Wooden Floor

The first step to sand wooden floor by yourself is preparing the surface for sanding. It is essential that you fix any cracks in the wood and fill in any holes or dents before beginning the process. You also need to cover all furniture that is on the floor or move them to a safe area away from the work area.

Step 2: Ready your Orbital Sander

You need to get the orbital sander ready. Make sure that you have all the needed accessories for sanding wooden floor with orbital sander. The most important things are a dust collector, sandpaper sheets and a power cord. You also need to prepare the orbital sander with a pad, sandpaper and discs as per your choice. Right sandpaper and proper size of a sandpaper is important for smooth sanding and removing wood quickly.

Step 3: Sand Wooden Floor

To sand wooden floor using orbital sander, start from one end of the floor and move it in a circular motion towards yourself. It is essential that you move the sander slowly with your body close to the surface of wooden floor and slowly increase the speed of its circular motion. Do not use too much pressure while sanding since it may damage the surface of wooden floor. Also, you need to sand both sides of the wooden floor.

Step 4: Maintain Safety

It is essential to maintain safety while sanding wooden floor by yourself. You need to wear safety glasses, dust mask and boots to protect yourself from any accidents. Also, you need to make sure that there are no pets or children present in the area where you are sanding wooden floor. It is also important to remove any dust and debris before starting the work.

Step 5: Finishing

Once you are done sanding wooden floor, you need to apply a coat of wax or oil on the surface to give it a long-lasting finish. The wax or oil should be applied evenly and appropriately without cements, oils and oils to preserve the wood and give it a smooth touch and finish.

Check this video for details information on about how to sand wooden floor with orbital sander:

Safety Tips When Sanding a Wooden Floor

Every home improvement or woodworking project comes with its own set of safety risks. Even though you’re working with wood, that doesn’t mean that you can avoid safety precautions and equipment.

Safety Checklist

  • Always use proper safety equipment, such as goggles and dust masks. If you’re using a belt sander, wear a dust mask at all times.
  • Make sure that children and pets are not in the area where you’re working, otherwise you must keep them at a safe distance from the sander.
  • Protect yourself from accidents by wearing eye protection, boots, and gloves when using power tools.
  • Keep the dust collector that comes with your sander clean at all times. This will help cut down on the amount of wood particles and dust you breathe in while you’re working.
  • Use the right techniques when sanding your floor to avoid injuries. For example, don’t sand too quickly. Your floor might be smoother, but you risk damaging it.
  • Don’t work on uneven or sharp surfaces like staircases, outdoor patio tiles, and decks that has a lot of natural curves.
  • Always use the right tools for the job. Avoid using grinding tools, such as a belt sander or orbital sander, on hardwood flooring. These tools are great when used on tough surfaces like concrete and metal.
  • Make sure that you have the right safety equipment and proper instructions when working with any power tools, like a belt sander or orbital sander. If your orbital sander doesn’t come with a dust collection bag, be sure to use one.
  • Work with caution when sanding hardwood or very dry wood, they can cause serious damage to your sander. A better choice for hardwood floors is a wool pad.
  • Remember that woodworking is a dangerous activity, and it’s not unheard of for people to suffer serious injuries; so be sure to work carefully and with safety in mind.

Questions You Might Ask

Here some of the most common Frequently asked questions we get about using an electric orbital sander to sand wooden floors.

Can you sand a hardwood floor with an orbital sander?

Yes, you can sand any hardwood floor with an orbital sander. But it is not advisable to use an orbital sander on unfinished wood floor or solid wood flooring. Also, if you have a laminate floor then you need to be careful while using orbital sander.

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Can I sand a floor with a hand orbital sander?

Yes, you can sand a floor with a hand orbital sander. However, it is not an effective and heavy duty tool to use on rough surfaces like hardwood floor. Also, you need to use it in small portions because it causes damage to your furniture.

What grit sandpaper should I use for wooden floors?

When it comes to sanding wooden floors, you will need a different grit sandpaper for different floors. For example, if you are working on hardwood floor, you can use 100 grit to finish the flooring and then use 200 grit to give it an excellent finish. Similarly, for pine floor, you can use 50-100 grit sandpaper. You need to check the flooring you are sanding and its condition before selecting a particular grit.

Can I sand my floors myself?

Yes, you can sand your floor yourself. Sanding a wooden floor is an easy and simple process if you have the right sander to make the work easier for you. Above we have discussed the best and easy way of how to sand wooden floors with orbital sander.


In conclusion, you can use an orbital sander to sand a wooden floor, especially if you want to remove a lot of the finish left on it. It is also advised to repair wooden floors where there is a lot of dents and damage. However, this article only shows you how to sand wooden floor using orbital sander.

If you want to know more about orbital sander, you can take follow our website regularly. I hope this article has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here at Quality Flooring Installers.

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