How To Sand A Table With An Electric Sander

Knowing how to sand a table isn’t a skill aware of to designers and woodworkers only. Its very important for people who have to make sure their surface is smooth and evenly cut. Moreover, a Rough table is a must to get a good look of the work; something you don’t want in your living room. Here are some hints to help you out while sanding your table.

A wooden table can last a lifetime if it is carefully protected. It is the quality of wood, the use of a hand or electric saw and sandpaper that makes it last. Professionals know how to sand a table accurately and efficiently. In this article we will show you some tips and tricks that how to sand a table with an electric sander to make sure your table is smooth and even.

How to Sand a Table in 5 Steps:

How to Sand a Table

Before starting sanding a dining room table, or any wood furniture, you should make sure all the necessary sanding tools and equipment’s are available in your workshop. Here we discuss how to sand a table follow the step by step guides.

The tools you will need

  1. The electric sander
  2. Variable-grit sandpaper
  3. Paper towels or soft cloths
  4. Wearing gloves
  5. Sunglasses for safety
  6. A dust mask is required

This tools are essential for you to complete the cleaning project of your table correctly, so the table surface will be flawless. Then you follow the steps.

Step 1: Prepare the surface

Begin by preparing the surface of your table. You have to remove all dirt, fingerprints, oil and grease which are present on the table. Also, go ahead and clean the surface with a wet cloth. If you use water to clean it, never use any chemicals to make sure your table is not affected. Then, you can start sanding the table.

Step 2: Use a variable-grit sandpaper

When you start sanding the table, in this step you must use a variable-grit sandpaper. This product is available in an array of grits, including fine and coarse. You should begin with a fine grit that can remove marks and blemishes evenly.

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Usually, this can remove the fine scratches and imperfections that the adhesive film may leave on your table. It’s easier to begin with the edge of a piece of paper and then move up to a coarser paper. Once you have covered most of your table with grits, use a finer grit to smooth out the top regions you are working on.

Step 3: Use a wet cloth as an additional step

You must also follow up with wiping off any remaining dust or residue left behind by your primer before starting sanding. After you’ve finished working on the top, move to the sides of your table. If you use a paper towel or cloth as suggested, sand with a medium to coarse sandpaper.

Step 4: Continue sanding the table

After you have finished sanding the top region of your table, use a fine-grit paper at its edges. This is another reason for starting with a coarser paper (in this case 600-grit) and then moving to a finer grit (300-grit). Another thing to remember is that you can never use too fine grit or too much of it. The last thing you want to do is remove any wood from the table.

Step 5: Clean up the table

Don’t forget to clean up your table with a soft cloth. Remember that you want this part of the table to be shiny, so don’t use a rough cloth to wipe it off. After using the cloth, let your table dry for a while before applying any sealant. You can also cover it with plastic if you want to speed up the process.

Watch this video for effective guide on how to sand a table with electric sander:

Benefits of Sand a Table

There are a number of benefits for you to use this sander tool. First of all, you can get more control over the shape of your table. In addition, you will be able to remove scratches and marks left by the leg screw heads and tapes. Moreover, using sandpaper is also a cost-saving method for table restoration. This is because it is unnecessary for you to buy new furniture if you want to restore your old piece with the help of sanding.

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In addition, using this method is an Eco-friendly kind of cleaning. So, if you don’t want to use chemicals on your old furniture, sanding it is the smartest choice. Not only that, but there are also some other benefits for you to use sandpaper as a table cleaner. Sanding is quite effective and easy to clean as well.

So when you know how to sand a table with an electric sander efficiently, you can create a smooth and evenly cut piece of furniture for your home decoration.

Safety Tips When sand a table

When you work with a sander , it is always important to use protective gear. In this article, we talk about some important safety tips for you. This are the most important tips together.

1. Eyewear

If you use a sander for the first time, it is always important to wear eye protection for personal safety. This will prevent dust from harming your eyes. Also, the glasses you wear must be made of safety glass. Otherwise, they don’t provide adequate protection.

2. Wear a mask

When you use a sander to sand a table, it is vital for you to wear a face mask. This will keep the dust from your nose and mouth, and it will improve the hygiene of your home decor.

3. Gloves

For your own safety, you should always wear gloves . Sanding produces sharp particles that can prick your skin easily. This can lead to a serious skin infection. So, it is important for you to wear some gloves that will prevent your hands from being injured when sanding the table.

4. Ear plugs

If you work in the workshop, it is essential for you to use earplugs . Your ears must be protected from the loud noise produced by this kind of machine. So, if you want to use a sander on a regular basis, it is important for you to have these kinds of hearing protection.

5. Body protection

If you are working with a sander, you have to have body protection. This will prevent your eyes, nose and mouth from getting hurt by flying sand particles when you run the machine. You should always wear a dust mask and safety glasses when sanding with a sander. This way, you can protect your

Final words

This is how to sand a table with an electric sander in 5 steps. You can follow these steps to make sure your table is smooth and even. I hope this article will help you in maintaining your table. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. I’m always ready to help you out. Also, don’t forget to bookmark our page because we will share new and useful DIY articles here every week so you can learn how how to sand a table with an electric sander easily.

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