How to Paint Baseboards

Do you want your rooms to look clean and polished? If so, you’ll need to make sure that the baseboards are looking their best. Here at The Paint Canyon, we get it; many people just don’t know how to paint baseboards. It’s not that they can’t; it’s just that they don’t know how to go about doing the work.

So, if you want to know, better than anyone else, how to paint baseboards the right way, read on. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the process, including how to protect your baseboards and more.

Baseboard Paint: What’s the best type?

A variety of paints are available in the market. However, make a choice between paints that are oil-based and those that are water-based. Both types will allow you to paint your baseboards.  There is no need for more than one coat of oil-based (alkyd) paint, while water-based (latex) paint is less toxic and dries faster. Most DIYers should use water-based paint since it’s easier to clean up paint that gets on their clothes or surfaces.

It is possible to choose a different gloss level for both paint options. You should choose semigloss for your baseboards since it is more durable and easier to maintain, compared to other gloss levels. It is advantageous to choose a glossier covering than what’s already on the walls so that the molding is more visible.

Tools and materials for painting

Painting your baseboards seems like a very simple task. However, it is possible to find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of tools and materials required for the job. So, before you dip your brush into the paint, make sure to stock up on the tools and materials necessary for the job.

All you need is a couple of brushes and sprayers, as well as a few tubes of baseboard paint. Once you have gathered these items, make sure you go to the store and buy additional products that don’t require mixing. Also need the right baseboard paint, the type of paint you like.

5 Steps To How to Paint Baseboards

5 Steps To How to Paint Baseboards

After collecting all of the supplies, it’s finally time to begin painting your baseboards. The entire process how to paint baseboards should be done in 5 step, which include:

1. Prepare the Painting area

In order to paint your baseboards, you need to select the best surface for painting. Make sure that the surface is level and clean. You need to make sure that no dust, drywall dust, or other particles will be disturbed when applying paint. So, you should make sure that any materials used for the project has been cleaned with an appropriate chemical.

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After your cleaning, let the area dry properly so that you don’t get any dust on your baseboards. The area should be properly covered with masking tape so that you do not have to worry about any paint flowing onto other parts of the surface.

2. Use painting tape

Place the baseboard paint, this is a cardboard-like material that is composed of fabric, paper, and glue. The primary purpose of using this tape is to protect you from the paint. You need to cut out the length of protection you want at the proper length for your baseboards.

Use the tape to apply the baseboard paint on the wall. Apply paint directly to area without having to go somewhere else, then trim the piece of tape with a utility knife so that it is removed from the wall.

3. Baseboard Painting

For applying baseboard paint, you need to choose a brush that is suitable for the task. You should use a long handled angled brush if you want your paint to be applied carefully. Therefore, your work will end up looking cleaner and prettier. So, it will be better than when you use an ordinary brush.

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The most suitable type of paint for your baseboards is an oil-based alkyd. This paint is simple to clean, can adhere well onto the surface, and does not show any brush stroke. Alkyd will also provide the baseboards with a high gloss coating that can last for several years.

If you have painted your baseboards with a water-based latex paint, use a wet sponge to wipe the area. You should not use anything that is too harsh or aggressive such as an eraser or paint thinner. If your baseboards are painted with a water-based paint, you should use a cloth to wipe off any excess paint that has been spilled on the wall.

4. Remove the painting tape

After you have applied the baseboard paint, you need to remove the tape. Use a utility knife so that you don’t get paint on your clothes or surfaces. Remember to remove the tape while the paint is still wet, or else it will be harder to do.

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You can use a metal scraper, tape remover, or even a putty knife. Use a soft cloth to clean up all the areas that have been covered with paint. You can use a damp cloth to clean the baseboards.

5. Clean the brushes

After you have cleaned up your baseboards, you need to clean your brushes. You can wash it with a brush cleaner or soap and water. Never use a wire brush for cleaning since it will damage the bristles.

How to protect your baseboards

Baseboards are important since they will help to protect your home from water, fire, and other possible disasters. They will also help to enhance the beauty of your home. If you want to protect your baseboards, you should try out these 6 clever tricks:

1. Choose a right color

The first thing that you can do is to pick the right color for your baseboards. It is possible to choose a different color if that is what works better with your decorating style or desires. You should choose a color that is neither too dark nor too light.

2. Choose the right paint type

Another thing that can help to protect your baseboards is by choosing the right paint. As a rule of thumb, you should always choose high quality paints. You can contact any local establishments such as toolsroute for further details on how to protect your baseboards with the right kind of paint.

3. Apply 3 coats of paint

In order to make sure that your home will be protected, you need to make sure that you apply 3 coats of paint in different colors on top of the existing coatings on your baseboards. You should also make sure that the paint is free from any ingredient that can cause chemical reactions when used in conjunction with the other paints.

4. Choose a good primer

If you want your baseboards to last longer, you should choose a good primer for your paint job. The best primer is one that will protect your baseboards from water and other chemicals. The primer will not only help enhance the lifespan of your baseboard, it will also help to keep them strong and durable.

5. Add nails or screws

Another way to protect your baseboards is by attaching a strip of wood on top of the wall while painting it with dark paint. You can then place a strip of wood with nails or screws on top of the wall.

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6. Wax it regularly

As a rule of thumb, you should finish painting your baseboards in one sitting. If it is not done at once, you need to apply a coat of wax on your baseboards about 2-4 times per year so that they will stay hydrated and well-protected from the elements.


As a homeowner, you should make sure that you always take good care of your baseboards. If you are concerned about adding color or detail to your baseboards, then consider using something that will not require any complicated or difficult undertakings. I hope that the article will help you to know how to paint baseboards and how to protect your baseboards. You must be share your own experience on website. Also you can share your opinion about this article in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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