How to Measure the Angles

Every carpentry work must be know how to measure the angles for the trim on the surface of the wall so that it can be connected to other portions of the framing.

There are many different ways of measure angles in carpentry work, but it is important to be accurate and efficient. Here, simple math is the key to success while measuring the angle for a basic cut-out-and-dress scenario.

The proper installation of all carpentry trim work depends on the measurement and cutting of appropriate angles, so it is important your values are precise. In this article, we will show and discuss how to measure the angles for carpentry or trim work.

What is the Angles?

The Angles is the most basic type of trim and is a standard feature on home exteriors. It is made up of a sloped board that runs from the eave (from the wall of your house) and then down to the outer edge of your home’s roof-line. It creates a fresh line that compliments the corners, and helps to keep the walls of your house from looking blocky and square.

What is Trim Work?

What is Trim Work

Trim work is the finishing touch that you apply to the outside of your house. It is as important as the foundation and walls are, as trim helps to elevate the overall exterior appearance and design of your home’s exterior. While a door, a window or siding may be what people look at when they see your house, the trim work is what they remember. It is important to get the design right, and the right materials applied correctly.

How to Measure the Angles for Trim Work

How to Measure the Angles for Trim Work

Trim work , in home carpentry and construction, is the general term used for all wall cladding or finishing trim (the latter includes baseboards, wainscots, skirting, window casing and any other finishing trim).

There are many different ways of measuring angles in carpentry work but it is important to be accurate and efficient. Follow these Five step-by-step instructions for accurately measuring and cutting angles for a basic trim.

Tools You’ll Need

When you work to measure the angle for woodworking or home improvement trim work you can use different types of tools, but this are most important.

  1. Bevel square
  2. Protractor
  3. Miter saw
  4. Measure Tape

After collecting the all the tools, and knowing the procedure, complete the following this 5 steps.

Step 1: Set a bevel square

Set the bevel square against the wall so that it is flat against the wall, and then use your pencil to mark a line across the bevel’s metal plate. Next place a second bevel square on top of it parallel to it, then use your pencil to trace along this second bevels metal edge.

Step 2: Measure from the wall

Measure from the inside of the wall at each corner of your bevel square shape and write down each measurement in a table. This measurement is how far away from the wall each of your angles will be. It is important to measure every corner of your trim to make sure it sits flat against the wall and that the trim piece fits with any other corner pieces.

Step 3: Calculate the angles

Using a protractor, angle measure between each pair of measurements. Find the angle in the list of angles above. This is the angle you will be measuring from.

Step 4: Miter your pieces

Use a miter saw to cut your wood at a 45-degree angle, then install or attach it to the corner of your house at the same angle. Make sure that the inside corner of each piece lines up with each other, and that the front piece lines up with your pencil mark on one end and with the wall on the other end.

Step 5: Install the trim

After all your angles were measured and cut, you can install them on the outside of your home. It is important to install them flat against the wall, and make sure that the jagged edge that is usually on the back face of the boards are inserted into the corners.

Watch this video for more information:

Can I use my phone as a protractor?

The answer is yes, but it’s not quite as simple as that. You’ll need to download an app that can measure angles, such as “Angle Calculator” or “Measure Angle.”

What angle do I cut trim corners?

That’s a question I struggled with in my woodworking project. The answer was an angle called the 45-degree bevel. It sounds simple enough, but its use is very particular and the best way to learn how to make it is by trying yourself.

What is the symbol for angle?

The symbol for an angle is the capital letter “A”, so the angle in this example is written as 30°. Angles can be expressed in either degrees or radians, but most people use degrees when writing about angles. Radians are more common to mathematicians, because they are a more accurate way of expressing values that change over time.


After finishing a house trim work, people can see the difference between before doing and after doing. It really makes a lot of difference in the look of your house, because it gives style to your house exterior design. You will be more happy if you make it by yourself. Even you can do it if you want to do it, but if the size is little small you will not be able to do it because it is too difficult.

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