Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander

Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander Review

In many areas of life, power is not everything. In the world of pneumatic sanders, it very much is. So if you are looking for a pneumatic sander that puts a premium on power without losing out on quality, look no further than the Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander.

At a whopping 10,000 RPM, it has enough strength for just about any sanding job. It also provides flexibility, with the option of use in rotary or orbital mode. It has a very simple, old-school design with no additional weight or unnecessary add-ons, and it is very affordably priced for a sander of this quality. Read this article to find-out our selected top sander For stairs.

The most important factor with any sander or with any tool at all– is the results that it produces, and the Chicago Pneumatic CP870 produces some of the most polished work of just about any model on the market.

Who is it made for?

This sander has a lot more flexibility than most of its competitors. It has motions available of rotary and orbital along with a built-in speed regulator meaning that it can handle metal preparation, finishing work, and feature edging. The power and flexibility make it a favorite among professionals, while its simplicity and affordability mean it can also be used by any beginner.

Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander Features

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Product Specification

  • Item Dimensions 10.24 x 6.69 x 4.33 inches
  • Air Powered
  • 2 Kilograms Weight
  • Metal made
  • 1 year limited warranty


The best aspect of this sander is the power it works with. With a built-in speed regulator, it reaches a free speed of 10,000 RPM. This means that unlike many other pneumatic sanders at this price, it can be used for just about any metalworking.


While the power is its main boasting feature, it has the adaptability to be used for more subtle jobs as well. It can be used in either rotary or orbital motion and is also great for finishing wood or edging features.


The Chicago Pneumatic CP870 is made of a strong, durable metal throughout, and the hot rod red gives it a nice touch of flash. Even though it is tough and durable, it is light enough to make any job seem easy at only four pounds.


Even with the cool red color, this sander is not going to wow anyone with fancy looks. It is a simple, time-tested design that is efficient and easy to use. Even though it is not the flashiest model on the rack, the simplicity itself gives it a bit of a rugged, retro look.


In addition to the simple design and build, it has a rubber grip that allows for maximum comfort and eases while using. Ease of use can become a crucial element for anyone who plans on spending a significant amount of time on the job.


  • One of the strongest pneumatic sanders available in its price range
  • Can be used in rotary or orbital mode with a variable speed
  • Produces great results with both metal and wood
  • Strong enough for professionals, but easy enough for beginners
  • Light and comfortable enough to be used for hours at a time
  • Lock-off throttle prevents accidental startups


  • High strength means high air consumptions
  • No vacuum port
  • Some reports of difficulty installing the pad

Highlighted Features

  • Rotary or orbital motion
  • Free speed of up to 10,000 RPM with built-in regulator
  • Simple, old-school design
  • Weighs only four pounds
  • Rubber comfort grip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does this sander have a reverse function?

No, although it has two motion options, it does not have a reverse function

Can I replace the head with a smaller diameter?

Yes, it can be adapted.

Will I need a large air compressor for a powerful sander such as this?

Not necessarily. Even though the Chicago Pneumatic CP870 works at such a powerful rate, it can be used with any average air compressor. Some have reported easier use with a stronger compressor, but it is not completely necessary.


While this sander does not have many of the bells and whistles of other models, it is one of the most powerful and efficient pneumatic sanders in its price range. It produces great results in metal preparation, wood finishing, and feature edging, meaning it is the only sander you should have to buy. It is also very high quality and durable, which means there will be no reason to buy another one for quite some time.

If you are looking for something flashy with lots of crazy features and add-ons then this model is not for you. However, if you plan on actually working with your tool, you would be hard-pressed to find a better sander than the Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander.

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