Bosch ROS20VSC Review

Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander Review

For decades, Bosch has been known to make high-quality power tools that are versatile and durable. The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander is both of those things and more. It is one of the best all-purpose sanders one can find on the market today and is perfect for just about any small sanding tasks. It also has a couple of innovative features that help to set it apart from the rest of its 5-inch competitors. If you are looking for a small sander that can do high quality work without breaking the bank, the ROS20VSC may be exactly what you need.

The metal interior of the unit is housed in solid plastic that does not have the awkward, oddly placed seams that make sanding uncomfortable with other models. While durable and tough, it is relatively light and easy to maneuver, weighing in at only 3.5 pounds. It also provides a certain level of versatility, operating at either 7,500 or 12,000 orbits per minute and switches between the two seamlessly.

One aspect of this sander that sets it apart is the dust collection canister in place of a bag which makes things much cleaner and adds to the compact design. You can also read our expert review of 5 best sander for trim work.

Overall, the quality of the job is the most important aspect of any tool, and the Bosch ROS20VSC provides some of the cleanest, most efficient results of any small sander on the market.

Who is it made for?

This sander is great for amateurs, beginners or anyone seeking a versatile sander at a relatively low price. It does not knock your sock off in any one area, but it is more than competent in all relevant categories.

Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander Features

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Product Specification:

  • Brand: BOSCH
  • Product Dimensions:       9″ x 5″ x 6″
  • Power Source: 120 Volts AC
  • Item Weight: ‎3.5 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Special Features: Compact

Great Design

This sander produces the high quality results, ease of use and durability that has made Bosch one of the most trusted names in power tools. The solid plastic exterior provides protection for the interior metal of the parts. It also has rubber gripping areas on two different parts of the sander, making for ease of use no matter how you hold it.

Innovative Dust Collection

The most obvious difference between this model and most other affordable small sanders is the method of dust collection. A plastic canister at the bottom collects the dust, and a paper filter keeps it out of the air. It can also be easily adapted for use with a suction vacuum and comes with the adapter included.

The Right Speed for Any Job

While many sanders can be adjusted, a common problem occurs when they must slow or stop altogether when the speed is changed. That is not the case with the Bosch ROS20VSC. When the dust-protected plastic switch is flipped, the sander seamlessly switches from 7,500 to 12,000 opm or vice versa without missing a beat.

Light But Strong

Weighing in at only 3.5 pounds, this is one of the lighter power sanders on the market. However, this does not mean that it lacks power or durability. The 2.5 amp motor is strong enough for any routine sanding jobs, and it is designed to be strong and durable. Bosch also backs it with a one-year warranty just in case it does break down.

High Quality Results

When all is said and done, all that matters with any tool is the results. The ROS20VSC is designed with this in mind and is specifically great at preventing swirl marks. It uses as hook and loop system of sanding and comes with 35,000 strong hooks included.


  • Innovative dust trap leaves almost zero dust residue for easy clean up and no dust particles flying around. It can also be connected to a vacuum quickly and used with suction.
  • ​So simple and easy to use that anyone can use it. Even if you have no carpentry or sanding experience, you can plug this in, switch it on and get right to work like a pro.
  • ​The small size, hook and loop system and adjustable speeds give a great amount of flexibility. It can be used for just about any small job where sanding is required.
  • The Bosch name shows a certain level of quality and reliability that you will not get with other products. Even if it does break down, it is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
  • Designed specifically for creating great results and reducing the swirl marks that are such common problems with other small sanders on the market.


  • While it is good at everything, it does not exactly knock your socks off at anything.
  • Dust trap needs to be cleaned every few minutes or the sander will slow and results will suffer.
  • Great for most small jobs but not ideal for professionals or anyone who would need it every day for large projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Two speed options
  • ​Dust collection
  • ​Everything you need is included
  • ​Light yet durable and powerful
  • ​Affordable
  • Produces great results

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the dust collection canister accept a vacuum hose?

There is an opening for a vacuum hose, and an adapter is included.

Does it come with a soft or hard carrying case?

It comes with a hard plastic carrying case as long with accessories and hooks.


While the Bosch ROS20VSC saner may not knock the socks off of professional sanders, it is versatile and strong enough for just about any small jobs. It is a strong, durable sander that is affordable and easy to use. If you need a sander for occasional small jobs– especially if you are not an expert– you would be hard-pressed to find a better model than this one.

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