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A tool set can make completing small renovations and repairs around the home quick and easy, little wonder it is considered an important item for any homeowner and DIY enthusiast. When I needed to take a decision on the tool set I needed for myself, it wasn’t an easy hurdle because there are numerous tool sets in the market to choose from.

Not only are they numerous, but they are also tool sets from renowned brands. This actually left me more confused than ever, since it is my first time shopping for a tool set, but I sailed through at last. In my journey to get the best tool set for myself, a friend suggested I get the tools one at a time and acquire only the ones that I need to avoid spending on tools that are not really needed.

While this idea seems to help to cut the cost and avoid unwanted tools, one cannot tell when those tools that were dodged will be the ones required to make the quick and efficient repairs that you need. In the end, I went for a full kit of tools set and that saved me a whole lot of hurdles I earlier encountered. If you are in my shoes and you need your tool set, but wouldn’t want to go through the stress I went through; then you are on the right page.

In this edition, I will show you how to select the best tool set and also show you a helpful and great list that contains the best tool set on the market today which you will find really effective and efficient for your needs at home.

The Best Tool Sets in The Market

When you searching for the best tool set in the market, there are number of brand and tools sets you can choose. A brand name doesn’t guarantee the quality of all tools sets, the price they come at and their efficiency.

I research on the major tool brands and tools set in the market and I came up with a list of 7 tool set, which include the most popular, efficient and cost-effective tool set in the market today.

1. Stanley 65-Piece Tool Kit:  Arguably the Best Tool Set for Home Use

Best tool Set

It is a well-known fact that most tool sets with low prices are mostly filled with substandard tools. At times, they might be filled with numerous tools with average quality. The same cannot be said for the Stanley toolkit. It has the sum of 30 screwdriver bits with 10 Allen wrenches, 8 ratchet attachments to make up a dozen individual tools.

Durability is not a thing to joke with anyways, and this tool set is the definition of durability. The durability of each tool is assured; they are well crafted and can be used for several years without the fear of wear or tear.

The set boast of screwdriver tips that are reinforced, a solid and handy 13-ounce hammer and a sixteen-foot measuring tape that has the great stand-up capability. Although it’s a little bit costlier than other set tools in the market, it really worth the price.

I loved that the ratchet handles are really comfortable and easy to use. About the case, I can say that it is the best place to keep the tools because it is very protective and hard. When you shut the case, it shuts tightly, and it’s absolutely secured.


  • Highly durable
  • Great quality tools
  • Hard and strong storage case

Void of substandard tools


  • A bit heavier than other saws of the same class
  • The blade rotation is slower and the operation is a bit noisy
  • The magnesium base plate is thin and fragile
  • Quite pricey for home users

2. WorkPro Kitchen Drawer 100-Piece Tool Kit: Best Tool Set for Avid DIYers

Best tool Set

WorkPro Kitchen Drawer Tool Kit is affordable and should be in every home. It comprises numerous tools with hardware kept in a soft-shelled and light-weight case. It has all what you basically need in your home from the claw hammer, needle nose, and standard pliers to wrench, and multiple screwdriver bits.

You have what you need. I love it for its 4 precision screwdriver that you can always use electronically if you choose to. Also in the box is a nine-inch magnetic lever; this lever has three vials that aids accurate leveling and positioning. The surprising factor about the tool set is its strong and soft, durable pouch used to store the tools.

I couldn’t believe my eyes with how soft it was, its capacity to successfully retain numerous tools and its ability to fit into almost all drawer sizes. The 40 cable ties are very useful when managing your cord, stop gaps of a plumbing repair, and to help support plants in your garden or a friend’s garden.


  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight and durable case
  • Availability of precision screwdrivers


  • Short measuring tape
  • Light-weight hammer

3. OUTAD Multi-Functional 100-Piece Tool Kit: The Best Tool Set for Electronic and Household Repair

Best tool Set

Most people might not see OUTAD Multi-Functional tool kit as a basic kit. However, if we ask the professionals, they only take it as a basic tool set. With four precision and flat head Philips screwdrivers, you might not get something more complete and functional as this.

I loved the pliers too, probably because I had two types to pick from plus the twin wrenches, hammer, saw, blade, measuring tape and other tools you never thought you might need will leave you in awe of this set tool. I just couldn’t get enough of this set tool not only for its basic tools but for other bonuses (accessories) such as common household fixes like the electric tapes, wiring caps with a digital voltage tester.

Can you imagine what you can do with those tools? You could always get to upgrade a switch or two, get to swap out some lighting fixture, and in no time you will be a professional with the help of some video clips online.


  • A good comprehensive tool set
  • Voltage tester
  • A range of screwdrivers


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Doesn’t come with a lever

 4. Cartman General Household 39-Piece Tool Kit: Corrosion Resistant Tool Set for Beginners

Best tool Set

Cartman General Household set tool is a very basic tool, and it can fit into almost the smallest of all drawers. It is actually one of the best basic tools for a beginner. It has almost all the basic tool you need to repair minor issues you might encounter at home, and you always use it to perform a few tricks.

The Cartman Household tool is quite affordable. Although it isn’t a complete tool set, you will need to get more tools to complete the set which would cost you more. In the set, you wouldn’t get a lever and a pair of needle nose pliers; you will get a pair of scissors that come with the set instead.  However, the tools in the set are enough for the price tag that comes with it.

The kit has lots of screwdriver bits that fit into a driver handle void of a ratchet, 4 precision screwdriver, two basic pliers, and a small hammer with some other useful tools. How I wished it has tools like the lever and the needle nose pliers. How great would that be?


  • Low cost
  • Portable size
  • The chrome plated tools are heat treated to stay strong and resist corrosion


  • No lever and needle nose pliers

 5. Black and Decker 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Drill & Kit:  Best for Drilling Screwing During Garden and Home Improvement Tasks

Best tool Set

You might really need to get Black Decker 20-Volt in your home. In this box set you have a 20 volt rechargeable power drill, hammer, a pair of screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, one adjustable wrench, one utility knife, one ratchet screwdriver with 32 bits, two pairs of nut drivers, one magnetic bit tip holder, ten drill bits, 5 spade bits, one mandrel and 4 hole saws.

As a person, I wouldn’t mind having one power drill in my kit for it is powerful enough to do almost all household chores you could think of. But for some, it isn’t that powerful enough to get most jobs done.

Even if you don’t have much experience on how to use the tools in the set, you can always count on the eleven position clutch in the set that prevents your screws from stripping at the instance where you have to handle some basic house repairs. However, I wish the tools could be of greater quality cause the tools are sometimes flimsy.


  • It has 20- volt rechargeable battery
  • It comes with a power drill with variable speed
  • Good value for money


  • The tools are not of great quality
  • Bag lacks internal compartment to keep tools in an organized state

6. Apollo Precision Tools DT9706 General Tool Set, 39 Piece : The Basic DIY Tool Set for Household Repair

Best tool Set

If you are in your first house or school apartment, you need nothing more than Apollo Precision tools, especially when you discover you need only the basic tools in your home. In the tool set, there is a 12 -foot measuring tape, claw hammer, six-inches slip joint pliers,  a total of 8 hex keys, scissors of 8 inches,  one ratchet bit driver, twenty bits, one utility knife and 4 screwdrivers in a plastic case where it’s orderly kept.

However, I wished the tools are stronger than they are. Of course, they are quite handy for repairs at home and for improvements needed in your home. They could always perform most of your home repairs, but I wished its warranty isn’t limited.


  • Good for starters
  • Availability of needed tools for home repairs
  • Compact and durable case


  • Limited warranty
  • The tools in the set are not so strong

 7.WORKPRO W009019A 199 Piece Tool Kit: The Ideal Tool Kit for Professional and Avid DIYer

Best tool Set

If you need a set of tools that comprise of pullers, wrenches, hacksaw, hammer, hex keys, snap off knife and sockets,  then you probably need the WorkPro Tool Kit. It is one of the complete tool sets on this list with everything you need for repairs in your home even if it is a DIY task.

The tools are made of high-quality steel that is made of polished Chrome-Nickel steel with very harsh edges to provide you with the best feeling during repairs. It is neither corrosive or abrasive. The plier’s jaws in this tool set are treated with tempered heat; this treatment increases its durability and longevity. Who wouldn’t love a hammer with high-carbon steel head plus wrenches made of steel with the hex keys inclusively in one’s tool set?  The tools are very reliable and durable.

This is as a result of the heat treatment given to them. Not only are they tools heat treated, but the sockets in the set are also made with Chrome Vanadium steel to enhance its durability. The set’s knife, though traditional in outlook, it has an auto lock mechanism that aids quick and faster operations.


  • It is highly affordable
  • It has screwdrivers, measuring tape, bits, and holders
  • Very good for repairs in homes and DIY’s


  • You might need to get some tools separately

What to Look out for When Purchasing a Set Tool

Best Tool set

There are a number of things that you need to consider when shopping for the best tool set for your needs. These include looking out for the types of tool sets you want to buy, considering their features and functions and also deciding on price.

1. The Tool’s Durability

A tool that isn’t durable isn’t worth the risk of purchase. Durability is one of the most important features to take note when purchasing your tools since you wouldn’t want your tools to wear off in no time after you get it.

No one would wish for a warped ratchet, a worn socket or a radical in the strength of the tools with a few months of use.  So I advise you get a set tool that the durability is guaranteed which are preferably made of steel and alloy materials to ascertain its longevity.

2. Are the tools included in your basic need?

Tool sets come with a wide range of tools. You have to be very careful when buying any set to avoid getting a set that wouldn’t include your most needed or relevant and basic tools.  You should also go for a set with many tools to aid versatility.

3. The tool’s grip

Go for smooth tools in order to get good valued tools. However, you should also ensure these tools have a firm grip to avoid it slipping off your hands. I suggest you go for the tools with rubber grips for a firm and solid grip.

4. The case quality

Try as much as you can to pay adequate attention to the set container itself because it is what keeps your tools in place with adequate organization.

If you mistakenly get a case that is not strong enough, you shouldn’t fall off such inferior case to avoid getting it damaged. On the other hand, getting a portable set that enhances mobility is something you should aim at when getting your tools.

5. Get affordable sets

You don’t have to break a bank to get a tool set with the basic and important tools needed for repairs in your home. Don’t go for a very cheap and substandard one, rather go for quality, affordable, less expensive and equipped ones with guaranteed durability and reliability.

Types of Tool Sets

Most of people would say that one of the main and vital things in the tool set is the type of tools that they have. They will thus pick a tool set by considering its type before they go ahead and make their final choice. There are three types of tool sets:

1. Power Tools Sets

Power tools are the most common type of tools in the tool sets. They include all sorts of power tools that you need at home , such as the power drill, saws, and others. Power tool stes are the most sold and bought type of tools in the market as they have very many uses. The power tool sets are more expensive as they have a variety of tools.

2. Mechanic Tools Sets

Mechanic tools are made for work that involves precise movements, precision and accuracy. They have excellent handling and control, making them a popular choice for the intricate jobs and repairs. Mechanic tool sets are expensive too due to the precision they have in them.

3. Gardening Tools Sets

This type of tools are basically used for gardening and also other work that involves precision and accuracy. Gardening tool sets have their own specific types, depending on their functions. They are also quite expensive which dictates their use to individuals who love gardening.

Watch this video for more information about Every Single Tool You Need To Start Working On Cars!

Questions You Might Ask

Now searching for the best tool set for your home doesn’t need to be difficult. Some of the question you could ask yourself are,

What tools should every person own?

Now every person will have different answers to that question. But as a beginner, you don’t need too many tools. Simply get a reversible ratchet wrench, pair of needle nose pliers, one or two useful screwdrivers, hammer, measuring tape and a pair of scissors. It is most likely that you won’t use them the first year you are in your home or school apartment.

What is the most useful tool?

Everybody will have different opinions on this question. But most people agree that the hammer is the most useful tool in every set of tools. It is because you can use it for almost everything. Even if you don’t have the most expensive tools in your set, a hammer will always be useful.

What is a five in one tool?

A five in one tool is a set of tools that will help you do almost everything in your home. A five in one tool uses a combination of a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pliers, ratchet screwdriver and hex key.

How much tools should I have in my tool set?

Well, it depends on how you want to use your tools and how you are going to use them. If you are not going to do big projects, you don’t need a large tool set. Tools are meant to be used for the projects that you want to do. That is why the price for the tool set will vary.

What is the one tool every man needs?

There are many of them, but most people would agree that the hammer is the most important tool that every man needs. It is because you can use it to do almost everything in your house. If you treat your tools well, they can last for years.


In every home, you need a tool set for major and minor repairs. In the review above, I tried as much as I can to provide you with the best tools out there on the market today.

This set of tools are properly designed, durable, affordable, versatile and reliable. Though some of the set reviewed above need a few tools to complete the package, they all have a spell out quality and identity that makes the sets unique and usable.

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