The 10 Best Router Table In 2023 (Expert Review & Guide)

Best Router Table

Whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, you will need a professional router table if you want to work on your woodworking project safely and create some wooden masterpieces. There are many projects which you simply cannot complete with a hand router alone, and that is when you realize how essential a router table is.

But how do you pick the right model for your kind of work? With the market filled with various kinds of router tables, it is not easy to decide on just one, and that is why we are here to help.

The kind of projects you take on, your work environment, and of course, your budget all matter when picking the best wood router table out of the lot. In this post, we have explained the different kinds of router tables you can find, what the features are used for, and what you must consider during your search. You must be familiar with what is popular right now and also be able to compare the different router tables models so you can decide on the ultimate table.

If you do not know where to start then, we suggest you start by checking out the router tables which we have listed in this post today for you. We have reviewed 10 of the best router tables with pros and cons for each one and also included a buying guide for you later in this post.

Top 10 Best Router Table Reviews

When you are looking for a diy wood router table, you will find yourself in a dilemma as they come in different shapes and sizes. There are different kinds of router tables on the market and each model is different from the others in certain ways.

So, it’s not easy to find the right made in high quality. But we have taken the pain out of your search and listed the best professional router table on the market today to simplify your decision-making process.

Here is a list of the top 10 best router tables for your woodworking projects with some pros, and cons.

1. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Best Router Table

Bosch is a good name in the woodwork industry, and their router tables are affordable yet highly equipped with all the features that a woodworker would want to work with.

The Bosch router RA1181 model is a benchtop style router table that comes with an aluminum mounting plate that is sturdy and flat, allowing you to mount your router firmly to the table. The pre-drilled insert plates provide room for modification and also enable you to use different routers as you please.

You don’t have to worry about space with this model because the work area is a machined 27-inch x 18-inch aluminum table surface that is large enough to take on any size of the project. With a maximum router fence and throat opening of 2.5/8, you can easily work with wood router bits that measure up to 3 ½ inches in diameter.

The router table fence is also made of aluminum and measures at 4-7/8-Inches in height and 25-1/8-inches in length, making this the perfect table to work with tall stock. With adjustable MDF face plates, you get a good hold on various sizes of workpieces. Attached to the adjustable fence and table are two adjustable feather boards that assist you when feeding your wood to the router bit and moving it across the table. They are adjustable to accommodate various sizes of wood.

What We Like:

  • Large working area
  • Adjustable feather boards
  • Tall fence
  • Rigid construction.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some customers reported that the mounting plate was not as flat
  • There have been a few complaints about the fence not being square

2. KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table System

Best Router Table

The Kreg Precision Router Table PRS1045 is a multi-purpose table that sports a smart design and great features. Although the table is compact in size- which you will love if you have a limited workspace, you will still be able to fit any size cabinets on it.

It features a steel stand that keeps the table firmly grounded and provides you with the stability and balance required to finish your work smoothly. You can adjust the height of the stand from 31inches to 39 inches. We also noticed a low resistance on the work surface, thanks to the proprietary easy-slide layer included in the making of the router tabletop.

Also included is an insert plate that measures ⅜” inches thick and 91/4″ x 113/4″ and comes with 3 Level-Loc reducing rings and 4 precision insert plate levelers. The plate is blank, so you can drill holes to fit your router or purchase a pre-drilled plate instead.

For the fence, it features a 36” t-square style design and comes with a micro-adjustable wheel for the best fit.

What We Like:

  • A well built and sturdy construction
  • Adjustable steel stand height
  • Compact in size yet sports a large work surface

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is on the higher end
  • The table may seem too complex for beginners.

3. Bosch RA1171 Cabinet Style Router Table

Best Router Table

If you are keen on getting a cabinet-style router table, then the Bosch RA1171 is worth checking out. This style of router table keeps the dust down, which helps keep your work area clean.

Working with tall stock will not be a problem on this table as the large 25″ long, and 5″ tall aluminum fence is totally movable and includes adjustable MDF faceplates to accommodate any size of wood pieces, allowing you to create all sorts of masterpieces.

The feather boards are also adjustable, so you can rely on them to help you feed the stock across the table in secured motion. You can attach them to the fence and the table as needed.

Other features include accessory slots that can accept a miter gauge (3/4 inch) and feather boards. With two dust ports that also fit into any 2.5-inch vacuum slots, you can tackle any leftover debris or waste material with ease.

Inclusive in the packaging- starter pin and guard, out-feed fence shims, mounting router plate insert rings, adjustable clear guard, adjustable feature boards, and hardware for mounting Bosch routers.

What We Like:

  • Incredibly large, square, and rigid aluminum fence
  • Adjustable feather boards
  • Keeps dust down with two dust ports
  • Included bit guards for protection
  • Sturdy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Assembling this table can take a lot of time as it comes with a lot of pieces
  • As a smaller work surface when compared to the RA1181
  • Does not support a wide range of routers

4. Skil RAS900 Router Table

Best Router Table

Looking for convenience and stability in a router table that is designed especially for a DIYer? Then the Skil RAS900 could just be the model for you.

This router table is so compact that you can store it away on a shelf or in a cabinet without sacrificing much space in your garage or work area. You can store the fence and router bits within the storage space that comes with the table.

A quick-release router mount system enables you to attach and detach routers fast and easily, which also secures routers for better performance.

For easy feeding and moving of stock, the skil router table RAS900 comes with two feather boards, which also help you maintain stability while routing. The tall fence has adjustable MDF faces which support various sizes of wood pieces.

Make great use of the starter pin and guard when working on projects that require curved pieces, and use the bit height gauge to set up the bit accurately and mold with precision.

We must mention once again that this router table is extremely easy to store and comes with folding router table legs and its own storage capacity. In the manual, you will be able to check out all the various routers which are compatible with this router table.

What We Like:

  • Folding design makes it easy to store anywhere
  • Solid construction
  • Good size work surface
  • The router mounting plate features a quick-release system

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some customers mentioned this model to be a bit ‘flimsy’ where the parts do not seem to hold up too well
  • Not for heavy-duty or large projects

5. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Extension

Best Router Table

If you have a minimum workspace and just cannot fit in a full-sized router table in your work area, then you can complete all your routine work with the same efficiency and finesse using the 40-102 ProMax Extension. This is a router table extension tool made of high-grade cast iron that is constructed to provide you with long-lasting performance and precision in all your free-hand woodwork.

The cast iron top and the 28” flat and square Provence will give you amazing support while working with any size of stock. It features a dual fence slot which enables you to turn around the fence to both directions and work from both sides of the table. This not only adds versatility but also lets you make the most of the surface area. It doesn’t end there; there is also a third slot for a miter which offers you the chance to work with crosscut sleds on your table.

If you are wondering about the fence pack, then let us assure you that it will not let you down. The sub fences are MDF and adjustable without the use of any tools, and the Provence also includes a sturdy bit guard and a 2.5-inch dust collection port.

One point to be noted, though, is that if your table saw is of left tilt cabinet grade, then you cannot install this as a left extension replacement, neither can you install this extension table as a right extension replacement on right tilt cabinet grade table saws due to the positioning of the table saws motor.

What We Like:

  • It can fit most contractor-grade table saws
  • Quick dismounting Provence
  • Extends horizontal workspace
  • Strong and sturdy cast iron design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users mentioned that the table was not flat as expected
  • Needs a modification on most parts-you will need to drill the holes to mount.

6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Best Router Table

Sometimes getting a full-sized router table with all the necessary features may mean that you will have to sacrifice a lot of workspaces, but that is not the case with the Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table.

This compact-sized router table can be taken to your job site or even placed in your workshop to complete all kinds of free-hand woodwork. Create your masterpieces with ease and precision with the help of this router table.

It comes with an anodized aluminum fence designed with quarter-turn locking levers for quick fence adjustments and secured locking. You can use this table as a vertical jointer with the included jointing rods.

The large workspace of 16” x 24 ” is built of thick MDF, which reduces vibration and allows you to create smooth finishes.

For further balance and stability, the stand is made of steel with a wide and stance and rubber feet that also stops the table from wobbling on any ground.

What We Like:

  • Features all necessary traits and functions of a full-sized router table
  • Large workspace in a compact design
  • High-grade fence system with adjustable faces
  • Insert plates are inclusive of levelers and level-loc reducing rings
  • Heavy-duty steel stand

What We Don’t Like:

  • The insert levelers may need adjustments quite often
  • The MDF plastic covering on the edges are quite sharp, which is a flaw in the design
  • The clams used on the fences are plastic and require tightening often

7. Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table

Best Router Table

Router tables come in all styles and sizes, and the Dremel 231 is more of a shaper for small projects rather than your traditional full-sized router table.

The table is made of strong plastic and is very durable but not recommended for heavy-duty work or large stock. If you are into woodworking for crafts and hobbies or just need to complete some quick shaping on your smaller pieces, then this shaper/router table is perfect.

Although small in size, it comes with a work surface area of 8” x 6 ”. The tool sports an adjustable fence and can be attached directly to a portable workbench.

However, in order to enjoy this tool fully, you will need a Dremel rotary tool as it will not work with other products.

There are a lot of mixed reviews about this item so if you are interested in getting this tool, then keep in mind that it is not designed or advertised to tackle heavy-duty woodwork. Having said that, if you are looking for a decent table to use with your Dremel tool and wish to work on small parts, then this will serve the purpose well.

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Attaches directly to the workbench
  • Work area of 8” x6 ” allows you to work with small and light stock
  • Great for shaping small wood pieces

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not strong enough to handle larger stock
  • Only compatible with Dremel products

8. Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

Best Router Table

Getting the perfect router for your router table can sometimes be a hassle as you may worry about the compatibility between the two products. In such cases, it is a good idea to invest in a good combo deal.

Craftsman is offering a combo consisting of their popular router and router table for an affordable price. Purchasing this combo allows you to start on your woodwork from the moment the item reaches your doorstep.

The pack includes a 9.5 amp router that runs on a 1-3/4 HP motor with a speed of 27,000 rotations per minute. It is lubricated for life and constructed with sealed ball bearings that extend the life of the motor.

The router table incorporates a large workspace and a thick laminated surface for smooth movement of stock across the tabletop. The fence is adjustable with an infeed and outfeed pullout capability of approximately 2 inches.

Other features of the router table include a double outlet power strip and a miter gauge that adjusts up to 60 degrees either way.

What We Like:

  • A combo that allows immediate operation
  • Includes a router that runs on a powerful motor
  • The router table is robust and sturdy
  • Compact sized router table

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some complaints were received regarding the router not turning on after a few uses
  • The table has some flimsy parts

9. Grizzly G0528 Router Table

Best Router Table

With a price tag that is a little on the higher end, the Grizzly G0528 Router Table may not fit your budget if you are interested in something a bit more budget-friendly. But considering the amazing features and high-grade construction of the table, you wouldn’t be complaining about the price once you start using the table.

The table is sturdy and stands on four strong steel legs. The table is made of cast iron, so durability will not be a problem even in the long run. You can tilt the table up to 45 degrees to make router installation easier.

Despite the heavy-duty built, the table is extremely portable router table and takes very little space for set-up. The whole table and its features can be collapsed to create space for storage. The stand also provides space to store your tools and accessories so you can have everything within hand reach.

The router can be attached in a matter of seconds with the quick-clamp system, eliminating the use of screws and other tools.

Accessories included are a bit height gauge, starter pin, a guard system, feather boards (2), and a miter gauge.

What We Like:

  • Solid construction
  • Collapsible design
  • Quick-clamp system to attach the router
  • Compatible with most brands of the portable router from 3/4 HP to 5 HP
  • Aluminum sliding fence

What We Don’t Like:

  • The quick clamp system may not always work perfectly when mounting a router. Some customers mentioned that the system required a lot of fidgeting and adjustments for the perfect fit.

10. Rockler Adjustable Trim Router Table

Best Router Table

You can make better use of your handheld trim router with this trim router table that is portable and designed to get the best free-hand benefit from any trim router.

It is a very affordable tool and can be adjusted for effective and flawless performance. It comes with pre-drilled holes to use with a clamping strip so you can attach the table to a bench, a piece of plywood, a table, or even on the tailgate on your truck. The clamps, however, are not included and need to be bought separately.

Trim routers are ideal for small jobs like routing chamfers, small dadoes, and round overs, but when they are used with router tables, then the applications seem easier and present better results. The fence on this table is adjustable and compatible with the Rockler Router Table Dust Port 21528, which needs to be purchased separately.

As it features a pre-drilled plastic plate design, you can fit quite a few of the popular trim routers to this table, but you are still limited in this case.

What We Like:

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Ideal for small applications
  • Small router table for job
  • Portable and can be attached to various places
  • Performs with precision

What We Don’t Like:

  • No measurement lines on the fence
  • Not compatible with a large number of routers

Buying Guide: Things to consider while shopping for a router table

If this is your first time buying a router table, or you just need some information on the tool before you get your next router table, then this buying guide will give you all the information you need.

Types of Router Tables:

There are 3 main types of Router Tables- benchtop, floor-standing, and extension router table.

Benchtop Router Table

This kind of router table is very popular among woodworkers and is one of the best-selling products in the market. It can adapt to various types of routers and provides you with the best workstation for your router and woodworking projects. You can get benchtop router tables from well-known brands like Bosch, Kreg, and many more. Benchtop tables are best portable router table and a great addition to any garage or workshop.

Floor-standing Router Table/Cabinet Style

These are stand-alone router tables that can offer storage space to keep all your small tools nicely organized in one place and have them within easy reach. Although they are not small router tables, they do not take up much space and are ideal even for small workshops. Most of the important parts, such as feather boards, dust outlets, and miter guides, can be found on these models.

Extension Router Table

If you have limited space and cannot afford to get a router table, then you can use one end of your saw table to do all your routine work by getting yourself an extension router table. You will not be limited to any routing features and will still be able to complete all your woodworking projects with these tables, just like you would with a traditional router table. It is all business without the sacrifice of space.

The Quality of the Table-Top (Surface)

The most common material used in the construction of the tabletop is MDF. It is affordable and preferred for most kinds of light-duty woodwork. But the low price does not mean that it isn’t durable. High-grade MDF is long-lasting, it will not wrap, and it is the most portable kind.

But if you want something absolutely rigid and extremely durable, then invest in a cast iron table because they are the strongest tables in the market. Iron cast router tables are super sturdy but expensive when compared to MDF models. Another material used is phenolic resin. It comes with long life and reliability and is cheaper than cast iron tables but costlier than MDF.

Look for an extra layer of 1-inch thickness (minimum) HPL cover to increase durability and performance.

Other than the material, you need to make sure that the surface is even and completely flat because uneven surfaces will affect the results of your work as you place your pieces on the top for feeding. If the surface is not flat, your boards will not be leveled either.

The tabletop is so crucial that its construction actually plays an important role in the price of the whole table because manufacturers who wish to make a powerful and hard-wearing table will pay a lot of attention to the making of the surface area.

Surface Size

The bigger the surface area, the more space you get to work with your boards. A tiny table may be great for a compact garage or small workshop, but they may limit your options of taking on bigger projects. However, if you do not have much space to bring in a bigger router table, then you could try the models that can be expanded to a bigger size and folded back to something more compact.


A fence keeps your boards pressed and in position while you are working. Adjustable fences are the best kinds if you want versatility and if getting more out of your router table is your goal. Adjustable fences enable you to fit any size of the board and work on them comfortably. If your fence only works with a certain size of the board, you may not be able to complete all your projects on your router table, which will decrease your productivity.

The more expensive models of router tables may have split features with t-tracks that can host various jigs. If the fence has a micro-adjustable feature, then you can gradually increase the movement of the fence, making it ideal for countless projects.

Compatible with your existing router

If you already own a router, then you will need the best router table that works with our router unless you don’t mind purchasing another compatible router. Fortunately, most router tables these days are compatible with multiple routers, so you shouldn’t have to worry, but it is still best to check it out.

Base Plate

A base plate fits on a slot on the top of your router table and is provided to attach the router to the table. Base plates should be flat and sturdy so that you can make the best use of the router. The most preferred kind is the machined aluminum plate for its rigidness and good balance, but you can also go for phenolic plates, which also offer good durability and performance.

You will have to position the plate by adjusting the plate-leveling system, which should come with your router table because the plate must not wobble or feel unstable in any way.

Once the plate is leveled well, you must make sure that it is also compatible with the router and can accommodate the tool accurately. Some base plates come with pre-drilled holes, while some are blank plates that allow you to make modifications to fit your router and your router table. You can also get one-size-fits-all base plates, but they are not very long-lasting. The extra holes also don’t do much for you, and you end up collecting waste.

The main thing to look out for in a base plate after stability is easy attachment and removals because it should not take up too much time or be a hassle to complete these tasks.


A strong base is what you need to be in control of during woodworking. No matter how nice your table looks or how many features it contains, without a strong base to support the table, you will not enjoy doing any work on it. Whether your table needs to be mounted on a workbench or has legs to stand alone, it should be leveled well and stand absolutely firm on any platform.

You can test this by the level of vibration your table gives off. A sturdy table will not vibrate much, thus allowing you to complete your work smoothly.

Table Adjustable Height

Having the option to adjust the height of the router table enables you to place it anywhere you wish and have total access to the surface. If you are going to be sharing your router table with someone else, then this feature is very useful as you can adjust the level according to your height when it is your turn on the table. It is also great if you keep moving your table from one level ground to another.


Portable router tables are smaller in size and lightweight- two features that do not really sound too appealing when it comes to having a lot of workspace and durability or sturdiness. But those who do not have a permanent workstation may prefer something which is easily movable. Cast iron tables are heavy, and although they score high in the strength department, they aren’t all that portable. If you know that you will be moving your routing table from place to place, you must check out the designs that have all the necessary features but are compact and easy to transport.


Do brands really matter? Yes, they do. Especially when it is about the best router tables because you need that declaration of quality and performance which will reflect in your woodwork. Brands often provide customers with warranties and also the promise that the table will not fail you.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that branded items will be absolutely flawless, but at least they offer some sort of assurance when compared to no-name products. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to afford a router table by a well-known brand, so we see no reason why you shouldn’t pick one.


For what it’s worth, router tables are excellent tools to invest in because the amount of work which you will get done on them will certainly pay off the amount spent to purchase one. But we all have a budget to maintain and if you cannot get too flexible on the price, then have no worries. Router tables come in all price ranges, and there is something for everyone- you will just need to let go of a few fancy features and functions.

Even the most well-known brands have a line of budget-friendly models that you can check out, so you will not always have to sacrifice quality. If you want to really own an over-the-top high-end best router table, then you have to be prepared to spend over $500, but even for $200 or less, you can get decent products. Benchtop router tables are usually the most affordable kind, so you will just have to find a model that has all the features you are interested in despite being compact in design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What protective gears are necessary when working with router tables?

Router tables are safer than handheld routers, but you still need to protect yourself by wearing goggles and ear covers. There will be tiny particles flying in the air, and the noise is also very disturbing for the ear, so these two areas need the most protection. It is also advisable to remove all accessories like bracelets and wristwatches while operating a router.

What does a router table do?

A router table turns your router upside down, enabling difficult or unsafe tasks with the help of a handheld router. These are extremely versatile but are often used for molding, joints, and rabbits.

What kind of table router surface is best?

All surfaces are effective as long as they are perfectly flat. However, aluminum and cast iron are recommended because the metal is more durable and less risky than MDF and laminated ingredients.

Why is a router table better than a handheld router?

Router tables make it easier to carry out complex tasks with the help of a handheld router. The tables are multi functional and allow you to do a lot more than just routing.

Can I use my router table as a stock feeder?

Yes, you can. If your router table has an opening at the rear end, then it is possible to use it as a stock feed device. This eliminates the need to invest in accessories for US made router tables.

How big of a router table do I need?

A good router table should be big enough to support the workpiece, but not too big because it will only serve as a storage space otherwise. Suitable sizes are usually around 23 inches long and 20 inches wide or more, but less than 24 inches in length will still serve you just fine.

What’s the purpose of adding an insert plate?

Insert plates are in-built into the top of the tables, allowing for fast installation and removal without having to fiddle with wrenches.

What are the benefits of having a complete tabletop?

Complete top tables make it easier to work with because you will not need to worry about bits falling through the gaps. This is especially helpful when cutting into very thin materials since even dust can cause problems.

How much horsepower do router tables need?

It is recommended to go for router tables that can handle up to 2 horsepower. This is in order to make the router table more functional and last longer without requiring too frequent repairs.

Why should I get an adjustable fence?

An adjustable fence is crucial, especially when you will be cutting different shapes and angles. You can get router tables that have adjustable fences for both the router bit and the fence itself.

What router bits accessories should I get?

Collets, rings, wrenches, feather boards, router dogs, clamps and router lifts are just some router table accessories you should get. Get them if they’re necessary because these will help your router perform better and last longer.

Wrap up

A good router table will have all the required features and also some extra accessories without setting you back with a hefty price tag. Look for durability, a large work surface, and adjustable features if you want to enjoy the full benefits of a router table. If professional-grade results are what you are looking for, then get the best router table that you can control and aim for maximum performance.

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