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Finding the best pole saws can be difficult when you have a lot of choosing front of you. When you have the right tools with you, the work is completed without any trouble. Less time is consumed when you have the pole saws for cutting off the branches and woodwork.

It makes the work efficient and increases in the accuracy of cutting wood. You can use the pole saws for a lot of daily routine work which may resolve a lot of problems. The quality of the pole saw is of utmost importance. You need to rely on a product that is durable and gives you the desired effect.

Features to Consider Before Buying Pole Saw

Pole Saw

Selecting the  best pole saws does require a lot of patience. The features you need to consider when choosing the pole saws are discussed below.

1. Types of Pole Saw

When you are choosing the pole saw for you, there are different types of pole saws available depending on the use. Some of the types are Electric Pole Saws, Gas-Operated Pole Saws and Manual Pole Saw. This are common type of pole saws:

Electric Pole Saws:

If you choose the electric pole saw, then it will be easier to handle the work. You can adjust the length of the pole depending on the height of branches and trees. Electric pole saw is considered as lighter and more versatile than a cordless pole saw.

Gas-Operated Pole Saws

The gas-operated pole saw is a powerful pole saw, and it is comparatively more expensive than the electric saw. Gas operated pole saws are highly efficient and considered as dangerous due to the use of hazardous gases during the operation. They require gas storage and fuel tanks.

Manual Pole Saw

This is the other type of pole saws. They are lighter and more powerful than the gas-operated pole saws. They are normally used by people who want to produce a strong cut at their own physical strength. They are easy to operate, and it is useful for cutting branches of the trees and shrubs.


The battery-operated pole saws are lightweight and durable. They are easy to operate and gives a very powerful cut. They are affordable and affordable. The battery powered pole saws need little maintenance, and they are very useful.

2. Blade Adjustment

Different types of blades are available in the market which help you to cut different types of wood. These blades can use different angles depending on your work type. When buying the best pole saws, you need to look for a blade with a right kind of material.

1. Auto chain oiling

There are many pole saw which has the auto chain oiling which you can consider to have. It helps you in maintenance easily as you do not have to buy anything separately. You don to have to disassemble the pole saw as well as you have an option for the oiling.

2. Length

The main thing which you have to consider for the pole saw is the height. You have to see whether it can reach far or not. If you re purchasing a pole saw so make sure that it gets the work done.

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 You may be having the overgrown trees and cannot reach the branches which are up high. Pole saws can help you out with that so know the actual length of the pole saw.

The moderate length of the pole saw is about 10 ft. which would be considered good for you. You can control it during the harsh weather conditions as well so that it stays firm in your hands.

3. Removable Saw

There is some saw which is removable from the bar of the pole. You can detach it and then add the new one to refresh it if it has gotten old. You don to have to purchase the entire tool again but only the blade.

 If you want to use the saw for cutting smaller branches then you can replace it with the other blades. It is easier to work with and can be a great way to cut multiple things with a single tool.

4. Weight

The weight of the pole saw matters because you have to lift it. It needs to be light in weight so that you do not get tired quickly. If you are someone with high resistance then you can purchase the heavy pole saw because they are high in performance usually.

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However, if you want to add the convenience to your pole saw cutting then prefer to buy the one which is light in weight. There are models with gas power which are light in weight so you can consider those too.

5. Cutting Bar

The cutting blade and bar need to be sharp. It can be determined by the diameter of the branches how you want to cut it. The length of the bar can be from six to twelve inches depending on the pole saw which you are selecting.

 It is always better to select the one which is two inches longer than the branches which you are aiming to cut. 

When the machine keeps on getting its food, it will remain with you and work for a long time. Some people do not maintain the machines and they rust over time so when you consider this additional feature with the pole saw, it will a great asset for the tool for a lifetime.

The Best Pole Saws Review

Every pole saw does have a different type of service as well as a different price range. You need to consider the price of the product and then only you can select it for you. We have compared the pole saws so that you can know the details of them.

1. Greenworks 20672 High-Performance Pole Saw: Top Electric Pick

Best Pole Saws

Greenworks pole saw is great for the electric unit which everyone would prefer to have. It is light in weight for the people who do not like to use heavy pole saws.

You can reach up to the branches easily by extending the pole saw to cut off the branches of the trees which are unreachable. It makes the work easier for the users and they do not feel fatigued as well.

It also comes with the lithium battery pack which keeps on providing power to the pole saw unit. It does not only cut the light branches but also the moderate thick branches without much effort.

The price is reasonable and can be considered as a good option for people who want high-quality products. The battery charging can be disappointing at times but if you charge it for a long time when you’re not using it then it will be a great choice for you to consider.

What We Like It

  • High-performance motor
  • Good results
  • Light in weight
  • Affordable
  • High-quality material
  • Strong to hold
  • No fatigue in usage

What We Don’t Like It

  • The battery may die sometimes

2.Black & Decker LPP120B Affordable Pole Saw: Best pole for money

Best Pole Saws

Black & Decker pole saw is an amazing deal for the money. If you are someone who looks at money and then the features so consider to choose this pole saw. It is available for you at an affordable cost and has distinctive features which you will love.

There are a lot of things which you can like about this pole saw such as the extension which allows you to cut the far end branches of the tree which you are unable to reach. It also has the battery swap option so you can change it with the voltage of the battery.

The power sources are there for you to handle the features without having much difference in the handling of the pole saw. It weights lightly so you will never have difficulty in using this item. The product is easy to handle so you will not get tired even if you use it for the whole day.

What We Like It

  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • High motor power
  • Battery life
  • Easy to handle
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like It

  • The battery may fall short

3. Worx WG309 High Motor Power Pole Saw: high performance

Best Pole Saws

The 10 inch Worx pole saw has the auto chain system which extends when you need to cut the branches of the tree.

It is easy to handle and you do not have to assemble it as it comes in the package. It is light in weight and you can easily store it anywhere safe in the house. It has a powerful motor of 8 Amp which provides high performance.

There is also the capacity of oil which is 120 ml with the rotatable working handle. It helps you in easy pruning with the tool-less extension pole of 8 foot and requires installation. It is a great compact pole saw which you can purchase with high-end performance having the accurate voltage for you to work with.

The tool is great for use at home or at the beginning of the carpentry business. The blade is sharp so you have to be careful with it. Prefer to practice it on the low end before you use it regularly as it requires you to hold it firmly while using it.

It is relatively a long pole which you can keep in the house and by maintaining it, you can use it for a lifetime.

What We Like It

  • Long pole
  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Compact size
  • High motor power

What We Don’t  Like It

  • Limited usage

4. Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 High-Quality Pole Saw: best for budget

Best Pole Saws

Sun Joe Pole Saw works positively with the users with giving them high electric power with working conveniently all day long. It is affordable and fits under the budget of everyone. You can work with it all day with cutting heavy or light logs.

You will not get tired by using this pole saw as it does not take much time for you to get the work done. It is short saw which will not cut the far end branches of the trees.

The pole saw is durable and small in size for the people who wish to cut the branches of the overgrown trees. It works wonderfully with being reliable at the same time.

You can depend on this pole saw if you are trying to fit it under the budget because of its sharp ends and cuts the edges smooth with getting the work done smoothly as well.

What We Like It

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Cuts sharp edges
  • Works accurate
  • High power motor
  • High performance
  • Long term usage

What We Don’t Like It

  • Might be weak for branches cutting
  • Short for some people

5. Sun Joe SWJ806E 2 in 1 Powerful Pole Saw: Good Quality

Best Pole Saws

The Sun Joe Pole Chain is 2 in 1 tool. It has the chain saw and the pole chainsaw both which can work best for the carpenters. You do not have to buy both tools separately as it works in one machine. It is best for cutting thin logs and the limbs which are overhanging.

The pole extends to 8.6 ft. which is telescoping. It also contains a powerful motor which cuts up to 7 inches thick wood. The Oregon cutting bar is great with the auto lubrication so that it can work for a long time with the user.

It is a heavy duty pole saw which you can use with ease and helps you in cutting the branches conveniently which you can’t reach easily.

The electric pole chain helps you in trimming the overgrown trees which are out of your reach. You can adjust the pole according to your needs and then cut the wood through it as well. It can convert the handheld device to word with the wood logs without any extra effort.

What We Like It

  • Power electric
  • Chainsaw and pole chainsaw both
  • Durable
  • Light word of wood
  • Cuts branches
  • Light in weight
  • High Reach

What We Don’t Like It

  • May not cut heavy logs of wood

6. Remington RM2599 Heavy Motor Pole Saw: Best Choice

Best Pole Saws
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Remington RM2599 earned the spot at being the top pole saws because of the reasonable price and the quality of the material used in its production. The power of this saw is amazing with thick woods and sharp edges which work on the hard surface as well.

The twelve feet pole saw helps the users to work with it conveniently and delivers high ending results for the clients. You have to work with it safely as it is used for the pruning tasks. The built is good with the exterior which is durable and has a unique design which keeps the chains running.

You have to oil the chain for the proper maintenance as it has the gas-powered feature as well. The saw is quite heavy so you have to be careful while you are working with. It may be a hassle to use it the entire day and you may get tired by the end of the day but you will get the work done accurately with it.

What We Like It

  • Power motor
  • Durable and reliable saw
  • Oil chaining auto
  • Long term usage High performance

What We Don’t Like It

  • Heavy to use

Benefits of Different types of Pole Saw

The benefits of different types of pole saw has been stated above with each type having its unique features which will help you to use it as per your requirement. However, there are some benefits of all types of pole saw while they are listed below.

1. Electric Pole Saws:

Electric pole saw allows you to have the power of motor to move quickly the tools from one side to another. The users can do heavy work with your ease and it is economical as well. The users can remove the extra catch of wood which they cannot handle before using this pole saw. You can do different types of works with this electric pole saw and some people also prefer it by using their hands through this tool.

2. Gas Pole Saw:

Gas pole saw is powerful than other types as well. Gas pole saw is good to cut the heavy branches and logs of wood which are far from you. It provides you with the maximum power of motor which helps you in getting the work done as early as possible. You have to be updated with it for its maintenance so that it can work for a long time without any problem.

3. Manual Pole Saw

The manual pole saw is easy to use. The users can cut the branches and logs of wood without any problem. It is cheaper than other types of pole saws and you can cut the branches which are lying on the ground. You can use this tool for cutting small shrubs as well. You can also cut the branches of the tree with this tool.

4. Battery Power operated

Battery power operated is also used for cutting the branches of the trees. It is economical and it saves the user’s cost with its power to cut the extra branches which they don’t need. The battery takes only a short time to charge and you can use it after charging.

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You can also use it in the colder days as it takes only a short time to recharge. If you are looking for a green technology, then you can prefer this battery powered pole saw for cutting your wood branches.

How To Use A Pole Saw Safely?

The safety of all the users is important and they should use the best pole saws without any problems. There are some precautions which you have to take while using pole saw to avoid any accident which may harm you or someone else.

  1. First you have to wear gloves while using a pole saw. The gloves help in giving you a full grip on the pole saw so that you can cut different types of branches and logs.
  2. Always be aware of your surroundings when you are using the pole saw. The users can fell some branches by the accident or they may get injured as they do not know the branch before cutting it.
  3. Always try to use the saw at a place where you can see your surroundings always. It is easy to get your attention with a sound of the leaf falling over you.
  4. Take a look at the saw before starting to cut your branches and logs. If you see that there is any problem in it then you have to use it immediately for avoiding its problems.
  5. You have to play with the saw for some time before cutting actual branches and logs so that you can get used with it later on. It will help you if there are certain problems at last time which will cause the accident later on.
  6. Always pay attention to your surroundings while using the pole saw. You have to be aware of your surroundings as otherwise you may get hurt. You will face some accidents if you don’t look at your surroundings for a long time.
  7. Always use the saw with keep your earphones on before any operation at all so that you can hear any sound from the leaves and branches which may cause the accident later on.
  8. While using the saw, always try to keep your hands behind it. You should not put your hands in front of the saw while cutting the branches. If there is any problem in the operation of the pole saw then you can be safe from accident by keeping off your hands.
  9. You should turn off the engine and wait for few minutes before starting to cut branches with it so that it can cool down itself and you face no issues in its start later on.
  10. Always keep the pole saw in an open place while starting its engine. You have to make sure that the air can pass through it in order to use the pole saw in a good manner.

Frequently asked question About Pole Saw

Have many question in your mind while buying the best pole saws and you have to get the answers of your questions.

What type of pole saw is best?

There are different types of pole saws in the market and you have to select one based on your needs. However, electric pole saw is good for all users as it saves their cost as well. Gas pole saw is good for the heavy works which an electric pole saw cannot do.

Which is better gas or electric pole saw?

Gas pole saw is better than electric pole saw. They both have their own benefits. You have to take a look at gas pole saw because it has more power to cut branches and logs in a good manner. Electric pole saw is good for the people who need it for shorter period of time as it is easier to carry.

Are pole saws safer than chainsaws?

Pole saw is safer than chainsaw as it has less chances of cutting your hands or legs. Chainsaw can cut you in a second if you don’t have a proper training for it. The pole saw is safe for all types of users and they can handle it without any problem.

Can you use a pole saw to cut down a tree?

You can cut down a tree with the help of a pole saw. You have to be careful while cutting logs and branches of the tree. The users have to take some precautions as they can fall on you if you are paying attention to your surroundings.

How high can a pole saw reach?

The pole saw can cut the branches at a distance of twelve feet from the user. It provides you with the maximum power of motor so that you can get rid of your hard work as early as possible

How useful are pole saws?

Pole saws are beneficial for all types of users. They can cut the branches and logs of wood without any problem. They can save your time and money as you can cut the branches lying on the ground. You can also use this tool for cutting small shrubs as well.


When you are working with wood, it is necessary to have the right tool for it. Pole saws are a great choice when you want to cut the wood which is far from you. It adds up to make the work easier and convenient.

The accuracy of cutting the wood becomes aligned when you use the pole saw. The work gets done without any hassle and you do not even get tired.

You can cut the tree branches whether they are thin or thick easily with the pole saws. There are some pole saws which even turn into the heavy machine which can help you cut wood logs.

There are many options for the pole saws but the best one is the Remington Pole Saw which helps in cutting the edges with precision. It has high motor power and may be heavy for some but you can expect great results out of it. It is a one-time investment which the woodworkers or the homeowners can use easily without any training.

When you are choosing the best pole saws, make sure that you are aware of the requirements to consider the features and make the best decision to invest the money in the right place.

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