5 Best Hybrid Table Saw For Woodworking (Review & Guides)

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Are you a woodworker who values professional and effective work done? A hybrid table saw will give you the desired result. With this tool, many woodworking activities, including sawing boards, laminates, metal profiles, wood panels, etc., can be performed accurately and easily without consuming your time. And that’s why we’re here for you.

In this guide, we have taken our precious time to craft for you the best hybrid table saw currently in the market. Also, the criteria we based our selection on will be revealed to you. And you’ll be able to choose your choice of device among the provided options when you want to buy your own.

What is a Hybrid Table Saw and Why Do You Need It?

A hybrid table saw is a versatile tool that features the combination of a portable contractor table saw, and a cabinet table saw and is often used by professionals in the workshop for various woodworking activities. With this power tool, materials like wood and steel can be processed quickly and effectively if the right saw blade is fitted with the device.

Although these devices are of different models still, each product from each manufacturer performs the expected tasks optimally, and the price to purchase one may vary based on the model. Among the reasons why this device is the go-to choice for hobbyists, craftsmen and others are its versatility, which will be stated below:

  • Hybrid table saw is used for effective quick and rough cutting of logs in firewood production.
  • It is used for cutting lumber, sawing boards, lamination, and much more in joinery and carpentry workshops.
  • For the construction of furniture and modelling of wood and plastic.
  • With this tool, you’ll be able to accomplish different angles of long cuts, straight cuts, miter cuts, rip cut, precise cuts, etc. Also, it’s a good precision at higher cutting speeds, especially with sequential serial cuts of workpieces of equal sizes. 

The 5 Best Hybrid Table Saw in the market.

When you are searching for a hybrid table saw, whether, for professional or personal use, you’ll come across numerous models from several manufacturers. However, picking one based on price and features alone may not be a wise decision.

So, the first thing to consider before purchasing a hybrid table saw is which device will be best for you. To decide on that, we’ll show you some of the hybrid table saws out there and will explain the criteria we based our selection on.

Following are the five best hybrid table saw you can choose from:

1. DEWALT 10 (DWE7491RS) – Most Portable tables saw

Best Hybrid Table Saw

Our number one pick of the best hybrid table saw is DEWALT DWE7491RS. This device is the lightest table saw with amazing features starting from the easy to couple to an improved rolling stand system with an integrated tool that eases stability.

It’s equipped with a safety accessory storage, which needs to be clamp tightly to complement the safety of your materials, as this will allow you to work conveniently without fear. Also, the improved fence system equipped with this machine provides adequate material support when needed.

This machine is easy to assemble/adjust with a handle that can be positioned in two ways (compact for tighter storage and easy-to-carry one). All of these functions help to ease operation and transport. In addition, its riving knife accessories are easy to fix or remove.

If you wish to cut both soft and hardwoods and get a quick clean cut with an accurate measurement, you should try using DEWALT 10. Also, this device has a sufficient blade for rough and fine cuts.

What’s Included The Box:

  • DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw
  • 10inch 24-tooth carbide blade
  • Rolling stand
  • Push stick
  • Rip fence
  • 2x blade wrenches
  • Effective in cutting smaller materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t occupy a larger space when stored
  • Accessories are difficult to get

2. Bosch 41​​00-09 – Most Affordable 

Best Hybrid Table Saw

If you are a professional or hobbyist with a tight budget that needs an excellent performing hybrid table saw, you shouldn’t look for any other saw except Bosch 4100. Bosch 4100 is a powerful 15-Amp saw device capable of cutting the hardest materials easily due to its higher horsepower (4.0).

The portability of this device is due to its Gravity-Rise 8 inch threaded pneumatic wheeled stand, which aids the transporting of the machine anywhere. The built Worksite Table Saw also helps to deliver professional rip capacity, and the constant response circuitry helps to maintain speed under load and overload protection.

The safety feature of this machine is as a result of the larger cutting table surface area about 25 inches wide supported by an effective riving knife and anti-kickback pawls, which helps to protect the body when a kickback occurs. In addition, it provides a higher-precision cutting as well as an efficient power.

Lastly, the cutting trueness of this machine is a result of the maximized SquareLock rip fence.

What’s Included The Box

  • Gravity Rise Table Stand
  • 10 Inch 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Blade
  • Standard Throat Plate Table Insert
  • Smart Guard System
  • Rip Fence
  • Miter Gauge
  • Push Stick
  • Blade Wrench
  • Hex Adjustment Wrench
  • Has a year warranty
  • Allows the wood to slide over it
  • Cut materials easily
  • The blade is easily upgraded
  • Difficult to adjust
  • The fence may be unstable

3. SawStop CNS175-TGP36 – Most Versatile

Best Hybrid Table Saw

If you are a professional looking for a durable, versatile saw regardless of the price tag, then Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 is meant for you. This table saw is capable of performing multiple tasks and also provides optimum safety during operation.

Built with a T-Glide Fence System, it is firmly held to the floor and is also constructed with the highest quality thick gauge steel. This provides smooth operation, expansive work surface, and precise measurement to give accurate readings.

In addition, this device is very stable as a result of two casts iron wings that align perfectly with the table, rails, and extension table, all of which enhance the precision and accuracy of the material. Also, the machine is safe to use as it is equipped with a detector attached to the blade, which upon touching your body, will stop in less than five milliseconds.

However, if you intend to work nearby or farther away, this machine will be useful as it has Saw Integrated Mobile Base (MB-CNS-000) supported with a pair of wheeled rubber tires, making transfer easy.

The most remarkable features of this machine are that they have excellent customer service. It is built with an under-table shrouding combined with the optional Dust Collection Blade Guard (TSG-DC) and Dust Collection Port Adapter (CNS-DCP) to increase its dust trapping capacity.

What’s Included The Box

  • SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Table Saw
  • 30″ Standard Fence/Rail/Table Assembly
  • 2 Steel Extension Wings
  • Miter Gauge, and Riving Knife
  • Micro Blade Guard, and Hardware Packs
  • Blade Wrenches and Push Stick
  • 10” 40-Tooth Blade
  • Standard Brake Cartridge
  • 3MM, 5MM, 8MM Hex Key
  • Blade Spacing Adjustment Gauge
  • Easy to assemble and reset
  • Occupies limited space
  • Has a Left blade tilt, which helps to prevent the wood from binding against the fence
  • Feature hooks on the left side of the saw for storing the riving knife
  • Stops automatically if contact any electric conductor
  • A bit expensive

4. Grizzly Industrial G0690 – Most Versatile

Best Hybrid Table Saw

The Grizzly Industrial G0690 is a durable saw with promising features. On this device, cutting of different materials is made possible with ease due to its stronger horsepower supported by the massive cast iron table, which helps to maintain stability. The triple belt drive makes the work interesting simply by minimizing sound during operation.

When you are working on this machine, panic no more as the riving knife is perfectly fitted with the blade, which helps to prevent kickback or any accident that may arise from the blade. Also, the equipped T-fence and heavy cast handwheels with a magnetic switch equipped with this saw make it easy to control.

Talking about this machine without mentioning the T-slot miter gauge and the four-foot dust collection, which makes the environment tidy by trapping sawdust, is incomplete. It also has an easily adjustable fence system and nylon runners, which glides with the knurled knobs.

What’s Included The Box

  • Bare-tool; attachments
  • Grizzly G0690 Table Saw
  • Easy to assemble
  • The riving knife and guard are easy to release for changing
  • Delivers accurate result of the cut material
  • Has four-port dust collection system
  • The power cord is very short
  • Very heavy to carry

5. Woodtek​​ 159665 – Easy To Assemble

Best Hybrid Table Saw

All the available saws in our guide are perfect, and the last on our table is woodtek 159665. This hybrid table saw is cheap and capable of ripping different materials without wasting your time. With an equipped, strongly built fence, this machine has a miter gauge which aids safety.

Though, for more accuracy and stability when working, you are advised to support the base withheld up the extension. However, this device is built with a digital blade angle gauge, which helps to complement the cutting of both smaller and larger kinds of wood without any hazard. Also, it has a supporting stand that aids stability.

Despite its relatively low price and average weight, this durable saw performs all given tasks optimally, and it also has a dust trap that makes your environment look tidy. Bear in mind that you need to empty the dust container as this may hinder the efficiency of the machine.

Although you may experience a little difficulty when transporting this saw to another place due to the lack of wheel, still, we advise you to overlook that as it may discourage you from exploiting the greater features the machine has.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Cutting of larger and smaller woods is easy
  • No wheel, which may hinder ease of transporting

Benefits of Using Hybrid Table Saw

Although the hybrid table saw may be expensive still, a professional user won’t care about the price as it comes with many benefits overwhelming the price tag. The machine is very powerful, effective and provides accurate cut results, which the traditional saw cannot provide. And, we’ve come to share a few among these benefits with you:

1. Long and straight cuts

Unlike band or scroll saw that can cut smaller materials due to its limited strip thicknesses ranging from 2 to 25 millimeters. A hybrid table saw, on the other hand, can cut longer materials perfectly and straight. This is as a result of the extraordinary length of diameter of the circular saw blade, which ranges from 250 to 350 millimeters.

2. Serial sections

The enclosed stop built with the hybrid table saw has made it possible to recognize and know the exact number of any materials. Materials like lumber, trimming beams, etc., can be differentiated even if they are identified as a serial section, which allows you to know which is which among others.

Also, the miter guide can be of help, especially when dealing with an infinite number of angle cuts.

3. Efficiency and speed

Hybrid table saws are widely known for their efficiency and speed features making most professionals and DIY enthusiasts crave them. This device is capable of performing different actions at a higher blade speed as a result of the combination of the powerful engine, the way it operates, and its effective saw blade.

Irrespective of the kind of material you intend to cut, once you have a little knowledge and you properly set the device settings, you will definitely be amazed by what your machine will do in less than a few minutes.

4. Easy to replace the saw blade

On the Hybrid table saw, the affected blade saw is easier to replace as this involves the use of a simple ring spanner to lose and fix. This is contrary to the band saw, which requires tedious clamping and tightening of the blade before the machine can cut again.

5. No restriction in cutting length and width

On hybrid saw tables, there are no restrictions to the length and width of the workpiece as this is dependent on the cutting height of the saw blade, which may accommodate longer materials.

6. Good guidance of the workpiece

A hybrid table saw is a larger-sized saw device that has a larger contact for your larger workpieces and thus, aids safety. Also, it reduces vibration during operation. However, there are many available saw models in the market featuring expandable saw tables, or some may even have a sliding slide all to enhance and aid your working activities.

In addition to the above features, the underfloor train saws offer maximum guidance with a fixed workpiece.

Things to consider before you buy your choice of a hybrid table saw

Although there are overabundant this table saws available in the market. Before you buy your choice of a table saw, it is important to put some factors into consideration. Factors like safety, budget, efficiency, and many more are needed to look into to save you from buying the lesser quality product, which may be available at your disposal.

1. Smoothness & cutting accuracy

We all know that the real reason for buying a hybrid table saw is to achieve smooth and accurate cutting. A good saw should have a blade that allows easy cutting of the woods and other materials without any trouble.

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The cutting accuracy of the blade depends on the accuracy of the miter gauge. This, in turn, determines the smoothness of the materials while the fence helps to secure the materials to be cut. 

2. Engine power

The power of the engine determines the number of materials that can be cut at a time, and it’s measured in horsepower. The horsepower varies from model to model though a reasonable model should have a horsepower of 1.5 – 2.0.

Any horsepower lesser than 1.5 will make it a hard time to cut harder materials like wood and steel, or it may not be able to cut it at all. While higher horsepower, more than 3.0 is dangerous as this may consume more energy, making it difficult for you to control the machine. This may also result in kickback.

In addition to this, horsepower also plays a vital role in inaccuracy.

3. Fence

The fence is an important feature that should not be overlooked when choosing a choice of a saw. The fence comes in different sizes and is square in shape with the good one firmly locked, easy to adjust, and makes a smooth transition to ease and maintain precision and repeating of cuts of materials.

4. Cutting height

The cutting height determines the flexibility of work and the size of the workpiece to be sawn. The greater the cutting height, the more flexible your work. Normally, the cutting height for a normal machine is 70 millimeters, but some may even reach 100 millimeters.

However, the cutting height and angle of a saw blade should be easily adjustable as this will ease work.

5. Larger contact surface and extension

Hybrid tables come in different sizes. Some models even have an extendable tabletop in addition to the existing ones to accommodate and ease the workpiece. The larger the contact surfaces, the more secure the guidance workpiece and the greater the available space for sawing. Some hobbyists, however, construct self-made tabletops to aid their comfort. Also, the extension eases the work on the hybrid table, especially if fitted to the machine, because it increases the length of the stationary table saw and also provides better assistance when cutting larger materials. The extension may be telescopic or folded away.

6. Quality of the stops, scales, and measuring aids

Also, among the most important features to look into when buying a table saw is the quality of the stops, scales, and measuring aids. Although some devices may not come with all these tools, all the available hybrid table saws in our guide are of quality tools and are as described by the manufacturers.

7. Weight and transport

Depending on the choice, intended usage, and budget, the best hybrid table saw has different weights, with each having a particular function and limitations. The smaller weight device weighs 240lbs and is more flexible, easy to transport though it may not be stable.

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The heavier device has a weight ranging from 300lbs and even 400lbs. The heavier the machine, the more stable they are and the harder they are to transport, which is the only major limitation.

In addition to this, the heavier device has the best quality of the internal components used in the production, and they are used to accomplish larger projects. They also produce lesser noise compared to the smaller ones.

8. Dust control 

When going for your choice of a hybrid saw, it is advisable to buy the one with the vacuum. By buying the vacuumed table saw will help you to maintain a tidy environment because it will help to trap sawdust and other wastes.

For an effective and extended lifespan of the machine, we recommend regular disposing of the vacuum when filled. Alternatively, a shroud may also be attached to the blade to trap the sawdust.

9. Drive belt and design

The vibration associated with a hybrid table saw is due to its drive belt. The drive belt connects the saw blade and the hybrid motor together. To minimize this vibration, it is advisable to buy a Poly-V belt other than V- belt has the former produces lesser vibration and also smoothens the operation of the saw.

10. Sensor/ Detector

Although we all know that one of the primary reasons for buying a hybrid table saw is safety. The technologically advanced world has made working with a table saw easier because an accident like saw cutting can be averted easily due to the sensor built with some hybrid saw.

Upon the blade reaching the skin, the sensor will stop the blade and may eventually stop the entire machine. Thus, aid the safety of the user.

11. Price

The price for getting a standard table saw varies with brands and models. For professionals, the price is nothing, but what matters most is the efficiency and durability of the device.

However, if you are an occasional user, you may purchase a cheaper one based on the activities you want to do with them though some features may be lagging.

12. Riving knife

When buying the best hybrid table saw, we strongly advise you to buy the one of riving knife has this add to your safety by preventing kickback. However, this may add a little price to the cost of the device.

How to use a hybrid table saw

Using a hybrid table saw is very easy and safe. It takes less time to learn and is suitable for occasional users and professionals. Here we discuss more of how to use a hybrid table saw.

1. Preparation

Before you can use a hybrid saw, you should wear protective like (cap, goggles, woodworking apron, hand gloves, ear protection, and boot) after which you can check for deformation and other abnormalities such as wear on the saw blade.

After this, put the necessary accessories such as stops and the push stick at hand and check if the attachment of the splitting wedge is properly placed. Also, do not forget to set the transparent blade guard to the workpiece thickness and also check the angle of the saw blade and stops occasionally.

2. During working, the following should be done

Lower your protective cover and keep your fingers closed and your hand flat on the workpiece. Press the workpiece against the saw table and gently direct it through the circular saw blade. Don’t forget to clean the dust and chips regularly to keep the environment tidy.

3. Postprocessing

The first thing to do is to disconnect the table saw from the stream, after which you will clean the workstation, including the blade if necessary, with subsequent disposal of possible wood waste.

4. Using the saw

When using a hybrid table, it is advisable to buy one with more speed because they are efficient. Commonly, this type of table saw has speeds ranging from 2300-4000 rpm, which increases its efficiency while working.

5. Maintenance

Hybrid table saws are easy to maintain, their main components can be accessed easily, which is good for machine servicing. It also saves costs of machine repairing due to their accessibility.

Safety tips for working on your hybrid table saw

When working on your hybrid table saw, it is advisable to concentrate on your work, and you must also stand while working. To prevent the machine from harming you, avoid wearing long-sleeved clothing, cover your hair and avoid putting on jewellery.

In addition to this, keep your fingers away from the saw blade and do not mistakenly spread your finger or stretch your hands to avoid contact. Also, maintain a hygienic environment by regularly cleaning your working place.

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Finally, do not try to repair your hybrid table saw if you lack skills and experience and instead visit an authorized dealer for machine servicing.

How to clean a hybrid table saw

As you will clean your machines and tools, a hybrid table saw is also not left out. Below are the tips for the individual components cleaning?

a. Worktable: All exudates and other wastes arising during sawing should be removed on the worktable immediately after work to avoid sticking with it. The idea of the traditional sweeping of chips and dust with a hand brush is also valid.

After this has been done, you should cover the worktable with a full strong coating free from chemicals that can cause rusting or other damages. Also, at a regular interval, you should gently clean the surface of the machine with a cleaning agent.

b. Body: All the body components of the machine, including the motor and the moving parts, should be free of moisture. This is because many components of the hybrid table saw rust quickly.

c. Saw blade: Most of the hybrid table saw work had been carried out by the saw blade. Thus, it is among the paramount part of the machine. Residues and other wastes can quickly settle on the blade. To clean this, a wire brush is needed.

In general, the addition of grease or oil is advisable to the non-sensitive metallic part of the machine to avoid rusting.

Frequently asked questions:

What are table saw trunnions?

In the table saw, trunnions are a part of a machine used to lift the blade up and down. It consists of a vertical rod that is fixed to the guide rails and a nut or slide block. They are usually lubricated with high viscosity grease.

Which Cut Can be Made Possible by Hybrid Table Saw?

In addition to the above cutting, other cuttings can be done on a hybrid table saw without any stress. These include straight cutting across the wood, miter cutting with different angles, vertical and curved cutting, plunging, serial sections, etc.

What is the best height for a hybrid table saw?

The height of a hybrid table saw should be such that it is easy to work with, especially when coming from the protection of the protective shield. In addition, you should be able to access all components of the machine, including the upper blade guard.

How can I reduce the wobbling of my hybrid table saw?

The best way to reduce wobbling is by installing leveling feet to make sure your hybrid table saw has a fixed flat surface. As this reduces vibration, it also makes the machine more stable during operation.

Can any table saw use a dado blade?

This is a common question which many do not understand. Dado blade are designed to be used in specific table saws and cannot simply go into any machine.

How accurate is a table saw?

A table saw is very accurate and more precise than a circular saw. It has a large surface for placing the work material, and the built-in components of its body contribute to increased accuracy.

What is the difference between a woodworking table saw and others?

A hybrid table saw has most components of a standard table saw, including blade, motor, arbor, bearings, cast iron trunnion, etc. But unlike most machines, they are mounted on rails which makes them portable table saw. Moreover, their wheels can be locked for increased stability.

How can I adjust my hybrid table saw fence?

The first step of adjusting your hybrid table saw fence is by loosening the front rail bolts to adjust parallelism with your blade. Then, tighten the bolts and recheck for parallelism with your blade. In case you need to make a fine adjustment, then use a combination square or other measuring tool.

How can I avoid kickback on my hybrid table saw?

Kickback is usually caused by the workpiece slipping when cutting, an incorrect blade for the project, or a dull blade. To prevent this, you should know your saw and use correct safety equipment such as push sticks and a riving knife, keep your blades sharp and use the right woodworking blade for each task.

What is a riving knife for on a table saw?

A riving knife is a device that attaches to a saw blade and controls the depth of cut as well as the thickness of the cut being made. It’s designed to work by preventing anti kickback pawl, reducing user mistakes, and protects others from accidents.

Should I put oil on my hybrid table saw?

No, in fact, you should avoid oil on the hybrid table saw. Moisture and rust are two enemies of a metal machine like your hybrid table saw. Thus, less moisture is better to ensure that your machine can work for longer years without spending much time on maintenance.

Is it good to push the wood through a hybrid table saw?

No, it is not good to push the wood through a hybrid table saw. You should always let the machine do its work. If you need to help by pushing the wood, you are going against your machine’s instruction manual, which can lead to accidents.


All the available hybrid table saws in our guide render effective professional service. However, our best hybrid table saw is DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 inch because of its promising features ranging from accuracy to safety and neatness of the environment where it has been used.

No matter how selective you are, you will definitely find your choice of saw, even if you are a low-income earner or if you have a limited space to keep the device.

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