The 5 Best Hammer Drills 2023 (Top selling & Brands)

Best Hammer Drills

When you are drilling a strong material like concrete or masonry, you need a good hammer drill. This tool not only saves your wrists and gives the perfect finish but also cuts time by a huge percent. The hammer drills are mostly used for the purpose of making holes and this is why they are called as such. However, sometimes people use them for light jobs like drilling through wood.

Hammer drills are generally used in homes and small workshops by people who do not have much experience working with machines. The tools are quite simple and yet they offer a lot of benefits. Today, we will be going to review the Best Hammer Drills so that you can choose the best for your needs.

Top 5 Best Hammer drills Review In the Market

A Hammer drill is a drill machine that is used to increase the efficiency of drilling. Hammer drills offer a simple and efficient way of making holes in hard materials like concrete, steel, stone, etc. This basically works two functions which are rotary drilling along with the hammer action. The Best Hammer drill can be defined as a type of drill machine that reduces the effort of the user to break through tough surfaces.

There is various Hammer drill available in the market. However, it is difficult to choose the Best Hammer drill because of its availability in multiple brands. But here we have reviewed the 5 best hammer drills in the market with some highlight features.

1. ENEACRO ENRH3203 12.5 Amp Heavy Duty Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

Best Hammer Drills

The ENEACRO ENRH3203 is a high-powered electric rotary hammer that comes complete with features to reduce fatigue during long working periods. It provides accurate and convenient strikes when in need of some narrow places, making it a perfect choice for professional users who require this level of power.

Ant-dust bottom structure extends the life span for this tool, which also includes an SDS Plus Chuck, permits easy bit changes while still in use. The Precision Chisel included in the package offers 8mm-, 10mm-, 12mm sizes so you’re always prepared. There are 3 functions built into the machine: drilling, chiseling, and especially hammering which can help tackle various jobs from removing tiles to demolition brickwork. 3 function switches for simpler and more convenient operation.

The build of this rotary hammer drill includes a strong and durable motor with a 180-degree adjustable auxiliary handle so you can always have optimum control. It also includes a chisel holder for quick access on the job, along with a durable carrying case. It including Dust proof Technology, an anti-dust bottom structure for this tool allowing you to work in dusty conditions.

Highlight Features:

  • 3 Different types of functions:
  • Default safety clutch system
  • Complete dust-proof system
  • 360-degree adjustable handle
  • Upgraded vibration controlling system
  • Efficient cooling system

2. DEWALT DW511 1/2-Inch Corded Electric Hammer Drill

Corded Electric Hammer Drill
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If you are looking for a heavy-duty yet lightweight hammer drill, the DEWALT DW511 1/2-Inch VSR Single-Speed Drill is the perfect hammer drill for you. This drill has a powerful 7.8 amp motor and can deliver 650 watts of power. It also includes overload protection and variable speed trigger with precision hole placement to help make this tool versatile.

The DEWALT DW511 1/2-Inch corded electric hammer drill has two modes (hammer drill/drill) which both work in concrete, wood, and steel, as well as a 360-degree side, handle that offers hand positioning options for optimum handling.

This hammer drill measures 11-1/2 inches long and weighs 4.3 pounds, making it light enough to use for several hours comfortably. It has a two-finger rubber trigger for speed control and a depth rod to offer top-down accuracy. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Highlight Features:

  • Comfort and Lightweight design
  • Variable speed to help control the power
  • Overload protection system
  • Drill/hammer mode for versatility
  • Two-finger speed control rubber trigger
  • Comfortable grip

3. Bosch 1191VSRK Single-Speed Electric Corded Hammer Drill

Best Hammer Drills

The Bosch 1191VSRK single-speed electric corded hammer drill delivers an outstanding performance-to-weight ratio. It is a 4.1 Lbs hammer with a 7.0 Amp motor that produces 0-48,000 no-load blasts per minute and a no-load drilling speed of 0-3,000 RPM.

This drill supplies a pro+guard dust system to help users move toward OSHA Silica Table 1 dust compliance. The tool’s dual-mode selector easily converts from rotation-only to hammer drill mode. The variable speed trigger with reversing allows accurate bit starts as well as removing fasteners, and the metal front housing offers added durability.

Its features a powerful 7 amp reversing motor and ergonomic design engineered to provide the best in its class. The drill you choose will depend on whether you need to use aluminum, steel, or wood.

The Bosch 1191VSRK has two modes to make it easy for you; drill mode and hammer drill mode. The auxiliary handle is knuckle hugging, making it easy to grip and control. The double-end keyed chuck provides more secure drilling. BOSH 1191VSRK has a metal housing that keeps it durable and long-lasting and makes it meet with the most demanding professional applications.

Highlight Features:

  • Dual-mode selector functions
  • Easy to handle and use
  • PRO+GUARD dust system
  • Metal housing body
  • Variable speed controlling
  • Secure drilling feature

4. DEWALT DCD796D2 20V 1/2-Inch Compact Cordless Hammer Drill

Best Hammer Drills

Are you searching for a compact cordless hammer drill? The DEWALT DCD796D2 20V 1/2-inch compact cordless hammer drill is the right choice for you. Its compact and lightweight design makes this hammer drill perfect for working in tight spaces or overhead applications.

The high-speed transmission allows this hammer drill to operate at speeds ranging from 0-550 RPM up to a max speed of 2000 RPM. This hammer drill also has an ergonomic grip handle which adds comfort and control while drilling. This hammer drill is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery which delivers up to 57% more run time than standard batteries. it also has an LED work light on the base of the drill which illuminates your work area when working in dark areas.

Other features of this hammer drill include a 30-minute charger that charges 5% faster, variable speed selection to choose between two different speeds, and a metal ratcheting 1/2-inch chuck. It has DEWALT brushless motor technology which delivers up to 57 percent more run time over brushed, high-speed transmission for 0-2,000 RPM.

Highlight Features:

  • Cordless hammer drill
  • High-performance two-speed settings
  • Compact and lightweight Design
  • LED lighting system
  • Ergonomic grip handle
  • Metal ratcheting chuck
  • 3 year limited warranty

5. Bosch 11255VSR Corded Power Variable Speed Rotary Hammer Drill with Carrying Case & Drill Bit Set

Best Hammer Drills

The Bosch 11255VSR Corded Power Variable Speed Rotary Hammer Drill is all you need to complete heavy-duty projects like concrete, stone, and masonry. The new VSR (Variable Speed Rotary) mechanism allows you to control the speed depending on the material.

It has a comfortable D-handle grip design for greater control. The Bosch 11255VSR also has a patented rotating brush plate that provides equal power in forward and reverses, a 35-degree pivoting cord turret for added flexibility, automatic bit locking for simple one-handed bit changes.

It features a dust protection system, that provides you with a cleaner and cooler work surface. It also features a 15-position SDS-plus bit system that allows tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking. The Bosch 11255VSR has multi-functionality, changing from rotary hammer to hammer only or rotation-only mode with the simple turn of a dial.

Compact, lightweight design that can be used for overhead drilling. Forward/reverse handle rotation is good for precise control of the direction of the drill bit. Variable speed trigger allows for easy adjustment of the speed based on the material being drilled.

Highlight Features:

  • Powerful 7.5 amp rotary tool motor.
  • Variable speed triggering system
  • Multi-function, 3 modes of operation
  • The fast dust removal system
  • Ease of Use and maintenance

Best Hammer Drills Comparison Table

Product NamePowerVoltageChuck Size
ENEACRO ENRH3203 Corded Rotary Hammer DrillCorded Power120 VoltsSDS Plus chuck
DEWALT DW511 Corded Electric Hammer DrillCorded Power 120 Volts0.5 Inches
Bosch 1191VSRK Electric Corded Hammer DrillCorded Power 120 Volts0.5 Inches
DEWALT DCD796D2 Compact Cordless Hammer DrillCordless Power 18 Volts1/2-inch
Bosch 11255VSR Variable Speed Hammer DrillCorded Power 120 Volts13 Millimeters

Hammer Drills Buying Guide

Best Hammer Drills

You know our best picks, but for those of you having a tough time differentiating between hammer drills and rotary hammers, or just aren’t sure which is best for you, this handy guide will explain the difference between them. Look for a few key features to find the best hammer drills for woodworking and home improvement work.

Corded or Cordless

Hammer drills are typically corded, meaning they work with a cable. There are some cordless options out there, but most are considered rotary hammer drills. Hammer drills are typically used for quick jobs, and cords can be a pain when in the middle of a job.


The price for hammer drills is surprisingly low considering how powerful they are. Look at the features offered, though, because these aren’t the type of power tools you want to skimp out on.

Slide or Fixed Chucks

Hammer drills attach bits with either a fixed or sliding chuck. A fixed-keyed chuck does not slide to open up access to place new drill bits in. Sliding chucks help increase your productivity by making it easier to switch between drill bits.


A trigger provides added control for better precision, letting you choose the perfect amount of power needed for each task. Some models let you change the direction of the drill bit rotation with a simple switch of your thumb. This is especially useful when working on smaller items that are more delicate.


Hammer drills can be very heavy and difficult to work with, making the precision job even tougher. Look for a model that is lightweight and easy to use. Vertical drills like this tend to be heavier than others due to their small design.

Speed and Power

All hammer drills are high-speed, high-torque power tools. Look for speed and torque control features for more control in soft materials like wood or plastic, but be aware that these may not be available with all models.

Variable Speed

Hammer drills have a high-speed setting and a low-speed setting that will limit the penetration of your bit into hard surfaces. The speed range should be between 0 to 600 rpm for higher speeds and 0 to 1,600 rpm for lower speeds.

Dual Drilling Modes – Not all hammer drills offer two different modes of drilling, but some do. One hammer mode will be used to drill holes and another drill mode is meant for more aggressive drilling jobs like chipping hard surfaces or masonry.

Hammer Drill Drive Systems

Slotted Drive System bits (commonly abbreviated as SDS) are made to help the bit easily enter the chuck during the powerful pounding action the drill delivers. By making this easier it adds more torque power as theirs less resistance in the hammering motion.

Slotted Drive System Max bits are the same as regular SDS bits, but are made with bigger shanks and have much bigger available sizes than general SDS bits. SDS Max bits are usually only used for industrial purposes.

Types of Hammer Drills:

Types of Hammer Drills

There are many types of hammer drills amiable for different tasks. Here are three types of hammer drills that are used for home or DIY work:

Pneumatic Hammer Drill:

Hammer drills that are powered by compressed air are the best for heavy-duty jobs. They can be used in tough materials like granite, brick, concrete, etc. And they are also pretty expensive so not always great for home use.

Rotary Hammer Drill:

Rotary hammer drills are very similar to rotary hammers. They are powered by electric, battery, or petrol engines and are commonly used for common household projects like brick walls, etc.

Cordless Hammer Drill:

Cordless hammer drills are good to have around the house since they can be easily carried from one place to another so you don’t have to worry about wires anymore. Just charge them up, drill, and go.

Corded Hammer Drill:

Corded Hammer Drills are mostly used by professionals. These drills can last longer but they don’t come with the convenience of cordless ones as you always need to keep them connected with a power source so there’s no freedom of movement.

Hammer Drill Brands

Now that you know what a hammer drill is and the features to look out for, how do you choose between brands? Well here is a list of the top hammer drill brands:

Milwaukee: One of the best brands for heavy duty tools, Milwaukee has a wide range of high quality hammer drills. Their ‘M’ line is very good and comes with a 2-year warranty. The prices vary from low to high depending on the model you choose.

DEWALT: This brand is also popular for hitting the market with quality power tools. DeWalt is well known for its high quality. Their drills are designed with extra comfort in mind and they also have an excellent two-year warranty.

Makita: A popular brand, Makita has been making quality power tools for a long time. This is evident from their high level of customer satisfaction and appreciation of their customers. The prices vary depending on the model you choose but they are of premium quality.

Bosch: Known for quality, Bosch also has a wide range of high-quality power tools. Their drills are designed for professionals but they have models that can be used by anyone. Their hammer drills are made with a very user-friendly design, and the prices vary depending on the model.

Ryobi: A popular brand, Ryobi can be seen being used by many people. It is a good brand but they are not exactly known for their quality tools. They have some cheap models that are low in price, but there are also high-priced ones that make it difficult to compare the value of their product.

Corded Vs. Cordless Hammer Drill

When purchasing a hammer drill, you have the choice between a cordless hammer drill and a corded one. There are pros and cons for both, so let’s review them.

Cordless Hammer Drills

These cordless options are great for portability as they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet. For small and hard-to-reach spaces these are probably the best portable hammer drills for you. The downside is they lack power for really heavy-duty tasks and you will need a backup battery if you plan on all day working.


  • Easily portable
  • Can work easily in tight spaces


  • Have to wait for the battery to charge
  • The flow of power is not as even
  • Not always great when drilling very hard surfaces

Corded Electric Hammer Drills

A corded drill has a limited range as it requires a nearby outlet to be plugged into. Extension cords can be used for extended range, but heavy-duty construction cords are recommended for any kind of tough hammer drilling.


  • Delivers a constant power stream
  • Better for working on extra tough materials such as stone or concrete


  • Need to be near an outlet and deal with extension cords

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between corded and cordless?

Depending on your budget and the frequency of your jobs, you can choose between the two. For heavy duty work where portability is not necessary then a corded drill is probably best. If you need more freedom and the budget allows it then go for the cordless option.

What is the best hammer drill to use for tile?

Any heavy duty hammer drill can be used but its better if they are designed to also work with tile. The ENEACRO ENRH3203 has a diamond-studded chisel that is designed to work with tile and stone.

What is the most powerful hammer drill?

The most powerful hammer drills will depend on the model you choose, but it’s usually safe to assume the more features a drill has, the less power it has. Bosch has a range of high-quality cordless hammer drills.

What size hammer drill do I need?

The most important factor in determining what size your drill is will be how much work you plan on doing with it. If you only use a hammer drill every once in a while to get through the occasional surface then the regular-sized drills should be good. If you work with concrete or stone frequently then heavy duty models should be used.

Can I use a hammer drill as a regular drill?

Yes, you can definitely use a hammer drill as a regular drill. It will not be the most effective method in doing so and is meant for certain jobs rather than general jobs.

Can I use my hammer drill in the rain?

Despite having an electric motor, you should make sure that any cordless model is protected from water or moisture. If it is not protected at all then you risk short-circuiting the drill which could cause serious damage.

How do I change the chuck on my hammer drill?

Changing the chucks is very easy and only requires you to use a wrench. You might need to tighten or loosen it depending on your preferences. The size of the bits you are using will also affect how easy it is to install them.

Is it difficult to use a hammer drill?

Using a hammer drill is no different than using any other power drill. The most important thing is making sure you have the right bits for the job and that you remain safe while you’re working. If your cordless model requires recharging then make sure to plan accordingly.

Do I need earplugs when using a hammer drill?

You should definitely wear hearing protection if you’re going to be using a drill of any sort. There is a higher chance you will damage your ears if you don’t use any protection and the percussion from the hammer drill can be very loud.

What type of bit should I use with my hammer drill?

It depends on what material you’re trying to get through. If you’re not sure then it’s recommended you use a masonry bit. This will ensure you have the best results and that it is capable of drilling through whatever material you’re trying to cut through.

Can I use a cordless drill as a hammer drill?

It’s not recommended that you use a regular cordless power drill as a hammer drilling machine. You will likely damage the internal mechanisms if you try to do this. The hammer drill is meant for specific jobs that require it to get through certain materials.

Do I need two hands for my hammer drill?

Most cordless models are smaller which makes them easier to control with one hand. There may be some larger ones that require both hands but this is not as common.

What is the main purpose of a hammer drill?

The main purpose of a hammer drill is to make it easier to get through surfaces that would be tough on the conventional drill. The vibrations from the drill also mean you won’t have as much strain on your arm muscles which will make the job a lot more comfortable.


In this guide, we’ve covered the basics of hammer drills and our best hammer drill reviews. By now you should know the task you’re about to do and our article should have given you a good idea of how to pick one. If you have further questions, looking to learn how to use a drill, or are looking for more information drop a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer those for you.

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