The 6 Best Drum Sander For Woodworking

Best Drum Sander

As a self-proclaimed woodworking enthusiast, professional carpenter, or hobbyist, you know the importance of having the right tools for the job. A drum sander is an important tool to have in your workshop. As the name suggests, a drum sander has a cylindrical drum on its underside which spins. This drum is covered in an abrasive material such as sandpaper.

Drum sander come in various type such as dabble drum sander or signal drum sander and closed and open drum sander. Besides the type, you also have to consider a number of other factors when purchasing a drum sander. Here we detailed explanations are given here, and we provide reviews of the top 7 best drum sanders.

6 Best Drum Sander Review

It ‘s not a coincidence that the best drum sanders are often the most expensive ones. If you’re looking for quality, you usually have to pay for it. However, there are a few exceptions and the following drum sanders are some of the best you can buy without spending a fortune.

1. JET JWDS-1020 Heavy-duty Benchtop Drum Sander

Best Drum Sander

This Jet JWDS-1020 Benchtop Drum Sander is a great choice for woodworkers who need to quickly and easily sand boards down to the desired finish. The 15 Amps 1 horse power high performance motor can handle even the most stubborn boards, while the feed rate control knob allows you to sand at your desired speed.

This jet tools is also equipped with a heat dissipating extruded aluminum drum that will help to protect your wood from any damage. With its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and steel body, this drum sander is incredibly rigid and can handle even the most challenging projects.

The infinitely-variable speed control allows the user to choose the perfect feed rate, while the toolless abrasive take-up fasteners make changes quick and easy. Additionally, the extruded aluminum drum is designed to dissipate heat and protect wood from heat-damage, making this drum sander a great choice for extended use.

Overall, this drum sander is perfect for the woodworker who needs a durable and reliable machine that can handle any sanding job. Finally, the precision-flattened reinforced steel conveyor bed supports the boards passing under the sanding drum, allowing for great detail and accuracy.

Highlight Feature:

  • Steel and aluminum die-cast body for rigidity
  • Speed control to choose the ideal feed rate
  • Easy take-up with toolless abrasive fasteners
  • Aluminum drums dissipate heat and protect wood
  • Precision flattened steel conveyor bed

2. JET JWDS-1632 Woodworking Drum Sander with Stand

Best Drum Sander

This drum sander from Jet is a great choice for woodworkers who are looking for quality construction, performance, and durability.

This is 120 volts ‎1.5 Amp high -performance drum sander also compact design, with a stand that has a 20″ x 37″ footprint which increases the stability, and it also has a storage shelf. Additionally, this sander has pre-drilled holes for casters. It also has a coarse grit type, and it can be powered by a corded electric power source.

This Jet drum sander is designed to continuously monitor the load on the drum motor and automatically regulate speed of conveyor. This sander comes with a fine dust hood that includes a channel that mirrors the shape of the drum and directs debris to a 4″ collection port. There is also a storage shelf on the stand and pre-drilled holes for casters. This machine dissipates heat with a precision-machined and dynamically balanced extruded aluminum drum.

The JWDS-1632 is built with a precision-machined, extruded aluminum drum that is dynamically balanced to help dissipate heat. The separate feed and drum motors provide independent control, while the Sandsmart control continuously monitors the load on the drum motor to automatically regulate the speed of the conveyor belt.

Highlight Features:

  • The construction is of high quality
  • The durability of the product
  • Design with a compact footprint
  • A stand with a footprint of 20″ x 37″
  • Pre-drilled holes for the casters
  • Monitoring the load on the drum motor
  • Controls the speed of the conveyor belt

3. JET 628900 Mini Benchtop Drum Sander

Best Drum Sander

The JET 628900 Mini 10-Inch 1 HP Benchtop Drum Sander is a great choice for woodworkers who need a compact and efficient machine for their smaller home shops.

This workhorse can sand boards measuring up to three inches thick and 20 inches wide, while the aluminum, self-cooling drum protects the sanding surface from heat damage. The 4 inch dust port makes it easy to collect dust and debris, which are removed from the sander by a vacuum system or dust collector.

This sander comes with heavy duty 1 horse power high performance motor that makes stock removal quick and easy. The large hand wheel makes it easy to adjust the machine to the desired sanding depth, and the quick paper change system means less downtime and more productivity. It also has a quick paper change feature which allows you to switch out the sandpaper quickly and easily, so you can spend less time downtime and more time being productive.

Additionally, its easy to use and variable speed control lets you sand at the perfect speed for the project you’re working on. The the cast-iron handwheel and adjusts height of the sander head ensures that your work is stable and safe. A safety power switch and overload protection protects the operator from accidental starts. This machine operates at 1,700 rpm and comes with a one-year warranty.

Highlight Features:

  • Compact, efficient, and well-made
  • Sands boards measuring up to three inches thick and 20 inches wide
  • Aluminum, self-cooling drum protects system
  • 4 inch dust port for easy collection
  • Large hand wheel for easy adjustment
  • Quick paper change for less downtime and more productivity
  • Safety power switch with overload protection

4. Powermatic PM2244 woodworkers Drum Sander

Best Drum Sander

The PM2244 Drum Sander is a machine that is designed to exceed the expectations of woodworkers. It has world-class design, usability and sophistication. There are also integrated casters that make it easy to move around the shop without having to unload or reload it into a vehicle.

The machine includes an auto adjust feed logic system that monitors the drum motor and regulates the speed of the conveyor motor to the workpiece. This allows for consistent drum sanding across different types of material up to 3″ in depth.

There are also several other features included such as a storage for keeping your abrasives organized, integrated casters for easy mobility and an emergency stop for a quick shutoff. It also feature closed stand features which are very beneficial for the woodworker. It gives you 37-1/2 inches of support for the workpiece and makes it easy to keep your abrasives organized.

It has a feed logic system that monitors the drum motor and regulates the speed of the conveyor motor to give consistent drum sanding across different types of materials up to 3 inches in depth. The 115 volts and 1.7 horse power motor make it easy to operate and the corded electric power source makes it convenient to use. This machine is durable, safe and perfect for the woodworker.

Highlight Features:

  • World-class design, usability and sophistication
  • Integrated casters for easy mobility
  • Closed stand with storage
  • Feed logic system that regulates the speed of the conveyor motor
  • Integrated casters and emergency stop for quick shutoff and
  • Auto-adjust for consistent sanding

5. JET 649004K Electric Drum Sander with Open Stand

Best Drum Sander

The JET 649004K electric drum sander is an amazing open-stand machine that are perfect for heavy-duty sanding operations requiring the removal of large amounts of stock with minimal effort. The 649004K comes equipped with a heavy-duty 1-3/4 horsepower motor, so you can quickly remove even the most stubborn stock. The SandSmart conveyor control ensures a smooth, even feed rate to prevent burned edges.

The 22-by-1 3/4 inch drum is made from a reinforced steel conveyor bed with a no-give power feed belt for smooth, consistent results. The adjustable drum height and downward pressure eliminate snipe, while the self-cooling, machine-balanced 5-inch by 10-inch drum ensures this sander will run quietly and without vibration.

This sander also features heavy-duty wheels that will allow you to move it around easily. With this machine, you will be able to get your work done without creating too much of a mess since it features minimal paper changes with its abrasive take-up fasteners that will ensure that any paper changes are quick and hassle-free.

The JET 649004K electric drum sander features a heavy-duty 1,700 RPM drum that is perfect for stock removal with minimal effort. The sander can be operated in open or closed stand positions and it also offers an adjustable drum height and downward pressure to eliminate snipe.

Highlight Features:

  • Heavy duty drum for heavy duty sanding
  • Durable and balanced with a 5 inch by 10 inch drum
  • Open stand – Allows for a smoother, more even feed rate
  • Fast, easy change paper with the abrasive take-up fasteners
  • 1 3/4 hp motor for quick removal of stubborn stock
  • Comes with a heavy duty built-in work light
  • Open stand position for more efficient sanding of larger surfaces

6. JET 22-44 Drum Sander with Table and Caster

Best Drum Sander

The JET 22-44 Pro Drum Sander is a heavy duty machine created for woodworking and construction projects. It’s 22-inch wide and runs on 230 volts, meaning it can easily handle large jobs. It also has 3 horse power corded electric motor, making it one of the most powerful machines on this list. It features a front end table stand which can be adjusted up to 33-inches from the conveyor.

It comes with a table and caster, making it easy to move and control. With its sealed and permanently lubricated drum ball bearings, this machine is sure to last for many years to come. The JET 22-44 drum sander is perfect for someone looking for a durable machine with precise controls. With its sealed and permanently lubricated bearings, this sander can handle heavy use with ease.

It also comes equipped with a digital readout (DRO) screen and patented conveyor belt trackers that give it superior control over the sanding process. Additionally, features combine to give a smooth, superior control, safety, and precision of your sanding projects also consistent sanding action that is perfect for any woodworking or construction project.

Overall, the JET 22-44 drum sander is a powerful machine that is sure to help you finish your woodworking and construction jobs.

Highlight Features:

  • Heavy duty machine for woodworking and construction
  • 22″ wide, 230 volts corded electric motor, 3 horse power
  • Front end table stand which can be adjusted up to 33″ from conveyor
  • Table and caster included with digital readout (DRO) screen
  • Sealed and permanently lubricated drum ball bearings
  • Patented conveyor belt trackers
  • Smooth, superior control, safety, and precision of sanding projects

How to choose the Best Drum Sanders

Choosing the best drum sander with the highest quality and the features that you need is not easy. We know that there are many things to consider before buying a drum sander.

Here we are giving you 6 most important factors to consider before buying the best drum sander. This are must be need to check before buying.

1. Dabble or Single Drum Sander

Drum sander can be divided in two major types based on the type of drum they have. The single or dabble drum sanders have a single cylindrical drum. Each type of drum sanders has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Single drum sanders

These types of drum sanders offer enough power to remove a large amount of material. However, these drums don’t have any side guards or fences so they tend to vibrate more than the dual drum sanders.

The main advantage is that it can be used for fast stock removal and leveling operations.

Double drum sanders

This are the most common type of drum sanders. This types of drum sanders are ideal for straight, flat and accurate surfaces.

The dual drum sander have guards and fences on both sides that help to produce a more accurate finish than single-drum sanders.

2. Closed or Open Drum Sanders

The first thing to consider is whether you want a closed or open drum sander. Closed drum sanders are more common and have a number of benefits.

Closed drum sanders

These types of drum sanders offer dust-sealed bearings and an enclosed cabinet. This type of design helps to keep the dust and debris inside the machine.

This types of drum sanders are ideal for those who want a clean and tidy work space.

The downside of closed drum sanders is that they are typically more expensive than open drum sanders.

Open drum sanders

These types of drum sanders have an open design and are less expensive than closed drum sanders.

The downside of open drum sanders is that they tend to produce more dust and debris than closed drum sanders.

3. Motor Size

The power of the motor is an important consideration when choosing a drum sander. The larger the motor, the more power the machine will have. Drum sanders are available with motors ranging in size from 1 to 5 horsepower.

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When choosing a drum sander, you should consider the type of material you will be sanding and the amount of material you will be removing. A machine with a smaller motor may not be able to handle a large job, while a machine with a larger motor may be too powerful for smaller jobs.

4. Dust Collection System

A dust collection system is an important consideration when choosing a drum sander. In order to keep your work space clean, you should look for a machine with an effective dust collection system. Some machines have built-in dust bags while others have attachments that can be attached directly to a vacuum hose or a collector.

5. Speed

Some drum sanders offer variable speeds. Having variable speed settings allows you to ensure that each pass of the machine is done with perfect accuracy and at the correct speed for your needs.

6. Price

The price of a drum sander can vary depending on the drum size, power and features of the machine. Drum sanders are available in a range of prices. You should consider your budget before making your purchase. However, you should buy the best features that you can afford, not the cheapest machine on the marketplace.

7. Portability

If you plan to move your drum sander between different work stations, you should consider a machine that is portable. Portable machines typically have a carrying handle and are lightweight. This makes them easy to transport from one location to another.

8. Warranty

When purchasing any power tool, you should always consider the warranty. A longer warranty is typically an indication that the company is confident in the quality of their product.

What Do You Use A Drum Sander For

Actually what do use a drum sander it depend on a woodworker what you can do with a drum sander.

Some traditional ways of using the machine are:

  • For leveling your freshly cut lumber or plywood sheets to have even surfaces before moving forward in woodworking
  • Smoothing rough sawn boards with profiles that cannot be achieved by other equipment. For example, for making a simple rounded over edge on a board
  • Creating a consistent thickness across the entire surface of a board – for making thin stock from thick lumber, for instance
  • Sanding contours and curves (in conjunction with a ROS)
  • Final sanding of projects before applying finish, sealer or paint. In this role the drum sander is an alternative to a random orbit sander.
  • Removing veneer from plywood sheets

There are other ways to use it as well, but these are the main ones.

Benefits of using a drum sander

A drum sander can be a very useful tool in any woodworker’s arsenal. Some of the benefits of using a drum sander are some points.

1. Increased accuracy and precision.

With a drum sander, you have more control over the sanding process than you do with other types of Sanders. This allows you to be more precise with your work.

2. More powerful.

The drive mechanism on a drum sander is directly connected to the actual drum. This means that the drum sander has greater power than an orbital sander or a belt sander.

3. Bigger sanding surface.

Drum sanders have bigger sanding cylinders than orbital sanders, so they are able to cover more area in one pass. As a result, you can complete jobs faster with less effort.

4. Easier to use.

Drum sanders are designed to be easier to use than other types of Sanders. This makes them a good choice for beginners or for anyone who is not experienced in using power tools.

5. Durable construction.

Drum sanders are built to last, so you can count on them to withstand heavy use without breaking down. Also, the bearings on a drum sander are permanently lubricated, so you don’t have to worry about them failing.

6. Versatile.

Drum sanders can be used for a variety of tasks, making them a versatile tool for any woodworker’s shop. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to any workshop.

7. Low-maintenance.

Drum sanders require very little maintenance, so you can focus on your work rather than on keeping the machine running.

8. Safe to use.

Drum sanders have a number of safety features that make them safe to use. These features include a dust port that collects most of the wood dust created by the sanding process and an automatic shut off feature that stops the machine when it overheats.

9. Reduced strain on your body.

Because of their design, drum sanders put less strain on your body than other types of Sanders. This can help to reduce the risk of injury while you are working.

10. Affordable.

Drum sanders are affordable, so you can get the benefits of this type of machine without breaking the bank. Overall, a drum sander can be a very valuable tool in any woodworker’s shop. With the right techniques, it can help you achieve results that are not possible with other tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

There are number of questions about drum sander are there in one’s mind when you buying the best drum sander for woodworking. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones:

How much is a drum sander?

The price of a drum sander can vary greatly, depending on the size and features of the machine. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a good quality drum sander.

Can you finish sand with a drum sander?

Yes, you can indeed finish sand with a drum sander. The drum of the machine holds an abrasive material which is wrapped onto a metal cylinder. This abrasive material can be used to sand down wood surfaces to a smooth finish.

Who needs to use a drum sander?

Anyone who wants to smooth the surface of a piece of wood needs a drum sander. This tool is extremely versatile and can be used by woodworkers of all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsman, a drum sander can help you create beautiful pieces of furniture and other wooden objects.

Can a drum Sander replace a planer?

A drum sander can’t replace a planer when it comes to thickness stock, but it can get close. A planer is really the only tool that can give you an absolutely flat and straight surface, but a drum sander comes close. It’s important to keep in mind that a drum sander can only remove a very thin strip of wood at a time.

If you’re planning on using the drum sander to do your edge sanding, keep in mind that this will probably take twice as long as edge sanding with a random orbital sander. A high-quality drum sander can be used for leveling joints or smoothing panels, but these tasks are better suited for a belt sander.

What size drum sander do I need?

The size of the drum sander you need depends on the size of the projects you plan to work on. If you’re mostly working with small pieces, then a smaller model will do. If you’re working with larger pieces, you’ll need a machine with a larger drum.

How do I change the sandpaper on my drum sander?

Changing the sandpaper on a drum sander is a fairly simple process. All you need to do is remove the old sandpaper and replace it with new paper. Be sure to use a high-quality sandpaper that is designed for use with drum sanders.

Can a drum sander be used for curved surfaces?

A drum sander cannot be used to sand curved surfaces. The machine is designed to work with flat surfaces only. If you need to sand a curved surface, you’ll need to use a different type of sander.


There are many great drum sander available in the market. But not every drum sander work great. You have to consider some important factors before buying the best drum sander for woodworking.

We’ve put together some of the best drum ‍sander on the market with a lot of research to make it easier for you to buy a sander. I hope this review will help you choose the best one for your needs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

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