The 5 Best Drill Bits for Aluminum (Review 2023)

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most versatile and reliable metals there is. Not only it is lightweight and pliable, but it is completely recyclable regardless of its state, meaning that we can reuse it over and over again. Thus, you can use the material for tons of projects, making it much more versatile than other metals like stainless steel.

However, even though aluminum is relatively easy to work with, you still have to be careful about drilling through it. Most drill bits are not designed to punch through such material, which means that they will either start to get dull rather quickly or they will chew through the stuff and wind up ruining your project.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the best drill bits for aluminum. Each of these is highly rated not only for this metal but even harder ones, meaning that they will be a welcome addition to any tool kit.

What Is Aluminum?

What Is Aluminum

Aluminum is a silver-white metal, the 13 elements of the periodic table. An amazing fact about aluminum is that it is the most extensive metal in the world, accounting for more than 8% of the earth’s core mass. It is the third most common chemical element on our planet, after oxygen and silicon.

At the same time, since it is easily bound to other materials, pure aluminum does not occur in nature. This is why people have learned about it relatively recently. Aluminum was officially produced for the first time in 1224, and it took another fifty years to learn to produce it on an industrial scale.

What Is Aluminum Made Of?

Aluminum is derived from bauxite, an ore commonly found in the topsoil of various tropical and subtropical regions. Once excavated, bauxite is extracted chemically into aluminum, an aluminum oxide compound, through an aluminum buyer process in ore.

Our Recommended Best Drill Bits for Aluminum Reviews

We’ve used hundreds of the best drill bits to see which ones excel in wood, steel, aluminum and other materials. First, there are so many drill bit options on the market it can be difficult to weed through the choices. We’ve broken down our picks by application, covering everything from materials to user types.Here we have reviewed the best drill bits for aluminum and we think it will be the best for your job.

1. Bosch CO2143 1/4 In. X 4 In. Cobalt Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

Kicking us off is this individual bit from Bosch. This company is well known for making high-quality consumer tools, and this bit shows the attention to detail that has made this brand famous.

What we like most about this bit is that it is made of cobalt, meaning that it can withstand higher temperatures and more friction without breaking down. 

Overall, when working with aluminum, you want something this robust and reliable as it will make your job that much each easier. In fact, this particular model is so tough that it can punch through cast iron.In addition to being made of such strong metal, this bit comes with a triple-sided no spin shank, a 135-degree split point tip, and wider flutes to remove debris quickly while you drill. Overall, this bit is great for all kinds of metal work, not just aluminum.


  • Durable cobalt construction
  • Rated to withstand temps of 1100 degrees F
  • Hardened surface for better penetration
  • Triple sided no spin shank
  • Strong enough for cast iron
  • 135-degree split point tip
  • Available in individual sizes or a set


  • May take a while to penetrate harder materials
  • For optimum results, you should use a drill press

2. FeelGlad(TM) 5pcs Titanium Drill Bits Set with Aluminum Case

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

For the most part, aluminum comes in sheets, which means that you don’t have to punch through that much material. In that case, working with a step bit is usually preferred because you can get a wider range of sizes without having to buy a huge set of bits. So, if you want extra versatility and reliability, you want to go with something like this set of five step bits from FeelGlad.

What we like about these bits is that they are made of durable high-speed steel, which is more than strong enough to punch through any kind of aluminum sheeting. Not only that, but they are coated with titanium to further reduce the heat and pressure, ensuring a longer shelf life for each bit.

Other features that we appreciate are the fact that you get ten different widths with each bit, they come with 135-degree split point tips for better precision, and they have no spin shanks. The aluminum case that they come in is also remarkable, particularly the soft foam interior that ensures that each bit stays in pristine condition.


  • Step drill bit design
  • Durable high-speed steel construction
  • Titanium coating for longer life
  • Ten widths per bit
  • Fifty size options available
  • 135-degree split point tips
  • Wide flutes for easier cutting
  • No spin shanks
  • Durable aluminum case with soft interior
  • Sizes are printed on the side of each bit
  • Automatically deburrs hole when you drill


  • Some bits have 118-degree tips, which will get dull faster
  • To be used with sheet metal only

3. CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

If you like the idea of having a set of step bits, but you want something a bit stronger and more reliable, then you will most likely want to get these from CO-Z. Instead of being made of high-speed steel, these bits are mixed with cobalt, giving them some added punch and heft that will allow you to work with all kinds of metals.

In addition to the robust material, these bits come with all of the standard features. They have wide 135-degree split point tips to reduce walking and ensure better precision. They have titanium coating to reduce heat and friction and keep them sharper for longer. Finally, they come with ten different widths on each bit so that you can create a wider variety of holes.

The other great thing about step bits is that they deburr your holes automatically. This means that you don’t have to invest in a separate tool to provide this function, making them even more valuable. Overall, if you’re going to get step bits, these are the ones to buy.


  • Durable cobalt construction
  • Titanium coating for longer life
  • Step bit design
  • Fifty size options for five bits
  • 135-degree split point tips
  • Sizes are printed on sides of bit
  • Durable aluminum carrying case with soft interior
  • Automatically deburrs hole as you drill
  • Hard enough for stainless steel
  • No spin shanks
  • Double cutting blades for more efficiency


  • Only works well with sheet metal
  • Several bits have sharper points, which dull faster
  • May take a while to penetrate some materials

4. Neiko 10194A Titanium High Speed Steel Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

Our next step bit comes in individual pieces, meaning that if you ever have to buy a replacement, or you simply want to have fewer bits taking up space on your shelves, this is the way to go.

Overall, the Neiko Step Bit is pretty standard, which means that it is both reliable and versatile. This particular model is made of high-speed steel and comes with a titanium coating to ensure longer shelf life.

 It has ten different widths, which are each printed on the side for convenience. It has wider flutes to remove material that much faster, and it comes with a 135-degree tip to reduce walking and ensure more reliable penetration. Finally, it has a no spin shank so you can drill with even greater ease.


  • Durable high-speed steel bit
  • Titanium coated for longer life
  • Step bit design
  • Ten width options available
  • Sizes printed on the side of bit
  • 135-degree split point reduces walking
  • No spin shank
  • Dual flute design to remove chips faster


  • Sold individually; no carrying case
  • In rare instances, the sides may not be sharp, leading to a harder job

5. MOHOO 50PCS High-Speed Steel Mini Drill Bit Set

Best Drill Bits for Aluminum

Whenever you are working with metals, one thing to keep in mind is that bits will wear down and potentially break over time. This is just a side effect of putting it through so much heat and pressure, which means that it’s always a good idea to have spares. In this case, the set of 50 mini bits from MoHoo ensures that you always have backup bits, no matter what.

What’s interesting about this set of bits is that they are designed for smaller holes and applications. While most drill bit sets go up to about ½ or ⅜ inches, this one maxes out at ⅛, meaning that you are limited in how big you can go. However, as long as the sizes are good for your needs, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this set.

With 50 bits, that means that you get ten of each size, from one to three millimeters in width. They are made of high-speed steel and come with titanium coatings so that you can reduce heat and friction. The only downside (besides the limited sizes) is that they don’t come with a carrying case. Overall, though, if you need miniature and reliable drill bits, this is the set to buy.


  • Durable high-speed steel construction
  • 50 piece set provides extras and replacements
  • Ten bits for each size
  • Size options between one and three millimeters
  • Titanium coating for longer life
  • 135-degree split point tips to reduce walking
  • Round shanks fit into any drill chuck
  • Designed for smaller holes


  • Not suitable for large drilling needs
  • No carrying case provided
  • Smaller bits may fracture under pressure

How to Choose a Drill Bit for Aluminum

Most of the Drill bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available in a variety of materials and coatings. When you search for the best drill bits for aluminum you must check these points, which we have mentioned below.


To make sure that your drill bit will be able to stand up to aluminum, it has to be strong and resilient. Typically speaking, metal on metal contact can be damaging as it produces a lot of friction and heat. Thus, pay attention to the construction of your bit, and make sure that it’s one of these two materials.

High-Speed Steel

As the name suggests, HSS is designed to withstand higher rpms in the drill without breaking or melting. These kinds of bits can chew through aluminum with relative ease, and can even take on harder metals such as stainless.


If you want the most reliability and durability, then you have to go with this metal. Cobalt bits are made to punch through hardened metals without breaking or wearing down, so you can work with a lot of aluminum and still have your bit ready to go.

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Considering the amount of wear and tear that comes from drilling through metal, one issue that comes up a lot is the dulling of the tip. As such, you have to make sure that it’s built at a wider angle so that that won’t happen as fast. There are two primary angles you can find with standard drill bits: 118 and 135 degrees. Whenever you work with any kind of metal, you have to make sure that you get the latter option. Not only will it last longer without breaking down, but it will reduce the amount of “walking” that your bit will do when trying to punch through.

different types of Drill Bit

There’s endless amounts of drill bit shapes, making it hard to know which type of drill bit is best for you. As long as you know what you’re drilling and what material you’re about to drill, it’s easy to get the right shape of bit. These are the most common drill bits you’ll find on the market today.

Twist drill bits

I’d be surprised if you have never come across these bits. It’s the most commonly produced shape today and are a great shape for using on almost any material like wood, plastic, metal, etc… Since they’re so affordable, twist bits are found in many styles and variations and have become a staple in the drill bit market. The twist shape is used for cutting smaller holes rather than large ones. The only downside is you’ll have to remove the bit while drilling to avoid any material clogging the bits rotation.

Countersink Drill bits

These bits are used most commonly with softer materials like plastic or softer woods. These bits are used to create countersink or counter bore holes which allow for screw heads to fit in. Avoid using these on metals as they won’t work well.

Auger Drill bits

Often the best choice for those needing to drill deep or large holes in wood. The shape is designed to help remove large amounts of material while drilling so you can drill consistently without clogging. You wouldn’t use this sort of drill head in a hand-held power drill.

Masonry Drill Bits

These bits are great for breaking though very hard materials like concrete or brick. They break the material while rotating and use the flutes to help remove excess materials. Due to drilling in hard surfaces, be sure to allow cool down and remove any dust or debris between usages.

Flat wood Drill Bits

Also known as spade or paddle drill bits, they’re used to create a flat surface at the bottom of a hole (rather than the typical cone-shaped bottom). Easily recognizable with it’s flat blade shape and sharp pointed tip, this drill bit shape is best used for wood. The separate centered tip shape helps keep your position and create a continuous and accurate hole during drilling. There is a possibility of splintering occurring when using this drill shape, though drilling through from the other side is one way to avoid it if your initial hole has started to splinter.

Forstner bits

Forstner bits are mainly used with a drill press to create a flat bottom hole in wood, similar to a flat wood bit. A drill press is used as controlling the movement and position of the drill is very important. This bit needs constant cleaning as it doesn’t remove excess material like a twist bit would do.

Tile Drill Bits

To reduce cracking, these drill bits for tile implement a sort of spear shape to safely drill through hardened and brittle materials such as ceramics or tiles. While this shape is a safer alternative, use power drills at slower speeds as cracking is still a possibility. If you’re using this bit shape for drilling glass, be sure to use a good lubricant to avoid any over-heating.

Hole Saw drill bits

Use this shape when your looking to make a large width hole. These are easily recognizable bit shapes, as they look like a hollow cylinder with jagged edges on the bottom edge. Hole saw bits are the go-to bit when installing doors or creating wire holes.

Spur Point

Spur point drill bits (also known as a dowel or brad point tip) help drill straight by having a sharp central tip surrounded by raised spurs. These bits are great to cut clean and accurate holes through wood materials

Basic Tips for Drilling Aluminum and Soft Materials

frequently asked question (FAQs)

What Type Of Drill Bit Is Required For Aluminum?

The High Speed ​​Steel (HSS) drill bit can drill soft metals such as wood, fiberglass, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and aluminum. The cobalt drill bit is extremely hard and removes heat quickly. These are mostly used for boring aluminum and hard metals such as stainless steel.

Can A Simple Drill Bit Go With Aluminum?

Special drill bits are required to drill on a hard surface. Regular drill bits are not designed for cutting with metal. Therefore, they can be worn easily. So you need a hard bit that can pierce with metal without damage.

Is It Difficult To Drill Through Aluminum?

Aluminum is a generally soft, non-ferrous, flexible material with low density and naturally high corrosion resistance. Aluminum is difficult to perforate because its flexibility and softness cause the material to have prolonged contact with the rack face or cut the edges of the drill.

Can Foresters Cut Aluminum?

Yes you can cut al with forester bits and they will stay reasonably good. Yes al is harder than wood on them but if you are patient and use a lot of coolant it will work just fine

Which Drill Bit Is Better Than Cobalt Or Titanium?

Cobalt drill bits are more expensive, but give a longer life and are more heat resistant than titanium drill bits. Cobalt drill bits can drill holes in harder and harder metals.

Final Verdict

After looking through these bits, we have to say that our top picks are the Bosch CO2143 and CO-Z models because this is the best drill bits for aluminum. We like the reliability and strength of these bits, and we also appreciate the added versatility of getting step bits, which is why the CO-Z set is so desirable. Overall, when working with aluminum, we highly recommend getting both kinds so that you can do any kind of project with ease.

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