The 5 Picked Best Contractor Table Saw (Review 2023)

Best Contractor Table Saw

Are you a novice or an expert wood worker who value professional cutting? Do you intend to get precise and smooth cutting within a short time frame? Then using the best contractor table saw will allow you to get your work done quickly and expertly.

You will get all of this and one more benefit, that is cutting with the help of contractor saw remains smooth without any noise. This will help you to concentrate on your work easier and quietly.

Every household needs these types of tools for different purposes. You will not find any kind of work that cannot be done by the table saws and other related power tools. You will find them in many houses, offices, factories and others.

What is a Contractor Table Saw?

Contractor table saw is a powerful and very stable saw, accommodates woods of different sizes, and gives accurate cuttings. Unlike portable saw, some contractor table saw come with an attached table or cart that makes it versatile for use.

They are equipped with a reliable fence, strong hand-wheel, sufficient horsepower and a reasonable metal base. Additionally, they provide good safety, come with a good warranty, and are very fast.

Now that you’re familiar with a contractor table saw, so, how do you know the one that best suit your job? What are the features you need to consider before buying your choice of saw?

Kindly pay attention to factors to consider below as everything has been detailed there.

Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saw 202

You can choose the saw by your own choice. The one which will make your work easier and faster will be the best product for you. As a result, you should know about each product in detail before buying it.

You are interested in knowing about the best contractor saw and you have been seeking for the answers for a long time. Well, this is why I have written this article to help you out. Here, I will provide you all the answers that you are looking. Here, I am going to give you some of the most necessary information so that you can buy yourself the best contractor table saw of your choice without any trouble to face.

1. SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw: Most Safe to Operate

Best Contractor Table Saw

If you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast or professional woodworker looking for stability and versatility for your projects. The SawStop CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw is the safest and the perfect table saw offering zero deflection, optimal precision, smooth gliding, expansive work space, and a high quality result.

This machine is never hiding behind safety for compromising efficiency and reliability. You can easily move it around the shop on even and uneven surfaces, thanks to its strong mobile cart, constructed of two 360 degrees’ ball bearing wheels with hefty 10 inches rubber tires for all-terrain.

This item features an electronic detection system that distinguishes between the human body and a piece of wood. On contact, it send a signal to activate a swift breaking system that instantly stop the blade from spinning, all in less than 5 milliseconds.

Configure to your preference with over 100 different configuration, you can as well reduce vibration for additional stability. To achieve this, upgrade the saw with a 70 pounds double cast iron wings (CNS-CIWA) to get accurate, precise fit and smooth finish every time.

What We Like It

  • Patented for safety with saw stop safety system.
  • Flexible configuration
  • Uses standard 10 inches’ blades and the dado sets of 8 inches
  • 12 months limited warranty

What We Like It

  • Poor after purchase customer service
  • Not suitable for amateurs

2. Jet 708492K Proshop Table Saw: Best for Furniture Construction

Best Contractor Table Saw

If you’re looking to construct your backyard deck or kitchen cabinets, this high profile cabinet saw in the compact build of a contractor-style table saw to offer the stability and precision you need to get the job done. It’s available in both 30 and 52 rip capacity, and comes integrated with an arbor lock, accessible from the table top to allow instant blade change without hindrance and delay.

This item has a low profile riving knife with reasonable amount of power for through cutting. This driving knife and blade guard combine together to help maintain side blade closeness to reduce chances of work piece kickbacks, as it also reduce and regulate incessant mounts and dismounts.

Other than lifting to position or repositioning, you need not employ the service of a professional before assembling. Thanks to the easy installation that requires about 2-3 hours to perfectly set up in place with squareness of 1/2 degree in every direction, an exclusive leg stand and an enclosed cabinet.

What We Like It

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Exclusive leg Stand design that gives stability
  • Whooping 5-year warranty
  • Great before and after purchase customer service

What We Like It

  • Overheating is a problem for this product
  • Not Suitable for heavy woodwork

3. Makita 2705X1 Contractor Table Saw: Best for Effective Cutting

Best Contractor Table Saw

Are you in need of the best-in class contractor table saw for your decking and flooring project, remodeling, cabinet installation or any furniture décor? Makita 2705X1 Contractor Table Saw combines versatility, efficiency, precision, performance with convenience to form the ideal compact machine for all professional fronts.

Experience the power of large cutting capacity powered by a 15 MP motor capable of ripping 4X material on a single pass. Thanks to the efficiency of an adjustable riving spreader for three different cut positions: dado, through and non-through cut without any hassle of throat plate removal.

With just a little tinkering out of the box, this contractor table saw is ready to go and come with a storage capacity for keeping necessary accessories. Portability from a heavy duty standing wheels that ensure easy transport and mobility on the job site.

This item has a sturdy right extension table, which at full extension will let you rip a complete sheet of plywood without any support. There is hardly any wood out there, that this machine cannot handle.

What We Like It

  • Great power and cutting capacity
  • Storage capacity for keeping accessories
  • Compact and portable design
  • . 12 month warranty

What We Like It

  • The fence system is sub standard
  • Factory mitre gauge is not adjustable

4. Delta 36-5000 Left Tilt Contractor Saw: Most Powerful

Best Contractor Table Saw

A famous product from a famous brand, Delta 36-5000 Contractor Saw has become one of the most highly rated saw on the marketplace not only for the name but for the versatility and usability that many saw lacks. It has a stylish stand with a unique and one of a kind tubular design that give 100% support and stability.

You will be left in awe by it impressive dual rip window, a distinct and heavy duty biesemeyer fence. Forever making precise and easy cuts every now and again, thanks to its one piece heavy duty rail system

Amidst the long line of power tools that meet consumers need, Delta 36-5000 is heroic, as it combines high standard and craftsmanship yet at a very affordable price. The blade at 90 degree tilt angle, will cut at a maximum depth of approximately 3.5 inches and at 45 degree, the maximum cut inch depth is 2.5.

With a dual voltage power 120-240V, you are ready to go all out with an impressive cutting speed that will not let you down, yet within seconds of pressing the power switch, the blade is brought into a complete stop. Thanks to it instant and effective brake system.

What We Like It

  • Can be easily transported from one place to another
  • Relatively lightweight at just over 200 pounds
  • It has a great safety features common to Delta products
  • Versatile can be used by anyone, both home owners and professionals

What We Like It

  • Customer services are sometimes a headache
  • May require extra support to assemble

5. Shop Fox W1837: Most Affordable

Best Contractor Table Saw

Seeking the best of both cabinet and contractor saw? The Shop Fox W1837 is a hybrid saw possessing all the feature of a cabinet saw coupled with the durability and versatility of a high end contractor saw. You have in it a mobile base operated saw with built in handy kickstand to move your saw to the next location by simply pushing down the foot lever.

This saw promises to amaze, both in shops or the worksites, with the robust cast iron trunnions cabinet  multi-function; absorbing vibration to provide optimum performance; gives the necessary alignment between blade-to-fence and miter slot, and breezes the adjustments of table saw blade and angle.

No potential kickbacks, it has an anti kickback pawls which ensures the workpiece travels in one direction. Continue your safe and reliable operation on the workpiece by watching the blade cut through clear guard, forming a barrier and preventing accidental contact.

Keep your working place dust free by connecting a dust collector of your choice to the 4 inches dust port located at the bottom of its enclosed cabinet. Need to cut bevels, champers and compound miters? You can easily tilt the blade between 0-45 degrees, by using the hand wheel for adjustment till you get the angle desired.

What We Like It

  • Very affordable.
  • 24 months warranty
  • Easy assembling
  • Great customer support

What We Like It

  • Not suitable for industrial use
  • The solid top may not be perfectly flat

Now that you owned a contractor table saw to ease your woodworking projects, below are tips to follow when operating this machine to ensure safety and also deliver excellent results.

The Best Contractor Table Saw: Buying Guide

The Best Contractor Table Saw

Before you choose your choice of a contractor table saw, there are some features you need to consider. These features will yield optimum and effective productivity apart from making you work looking professional. Features like price, power, safety, fence, warranty provided by the manufacturer and many more are needed.

1. Power

The first thing to consider when buying your choice of contractor table saw is power. This is because heavy tasks duties and different wood will be cut on this machine. Saw with 750 – 1500 watts power range and 15 amp motors are considered as the best.

Apparently, the one with a power range that falls below this is weak and will take much time and effort to cut wood especially the hard one.

2. Price

When you’re looking for your choice of the saw, you should consider your budget. Although, all our available contractor table saw are affordable, on the other hands, it may be a little bit expensive for some people.

However, if you are someone that is after professionalism and value quality work, the price should, however, be overlooked. This is because there are some features found in the expensive one that are absent in the cheaper one.

Additionally, the price may also vary among models and this may have an effect on the durability of the machine.

3. Safety

Buying a good table saw doesn’t mean you should overlook the safety features. However, all our available contractor table saws are safe because of some quality safety equipment they have. Things like anti-kick mechanism, blade guard, blade brake, and many more are present to bolster your safety throughout use gives you a stress-free environment.

4. Blade size and type

Talking about the table saw features without talking about the blade size is incomplete. This is because most cutting associated with contractor table saw are carried out by this part. The common size is 10-inch although you may also find some exceptional size of 12-inch. This length is more than sufficient to cut most wood size and type.

However, in case you intend to buy a new blade, please be careful to buy the one that is most compatible with your machine as otherwise may lead to an accident.

Also, the blade comes in different types each designed for a different purpose. This blade determines the speed with which you finish your work and how perfect your work looks. Be careful when selecting this as it may affect your work if not properly selected.

5. The maximum cut depth and Maximum dado width

No matter how your wood may look, our available table saw will cut it perfectly. This is because our table saw has a bevel of 0 or 45 supported by their blade.

Similarly, most tables saw offers 13/15, 13/16, 2/4 and amazingly, 3/8-inch width. The 3/8 and 2/4-inch fence and deck can be easily adjusted to your suit. However, because they are a little bit expensive, they are often recommended for commercial purpose.

6. Table size

Just as the depth and the machine width are important for an optimum result, so also do the table size play a significant role in comfort and work range. The table size comes in different size and may reach up to 52-inch. The shorter the table size, the easier it is to man oeuvre and vice-versa.

This maneuverability will make the work easier for you.

7. Attached Table

Contractor saw is made up of different materials. Some are made of metallic materials supported by a leg which makes them stand alone. Similarly, some are also smaller and cannot be used alone except placed on a supporter. Irrespective of the kind that you buy, all are meant to give you a nice experience.

8. Storage Space

We all know that working in the workshop requires the use of different materials and tools like a blade and other safety devices. To keep these tools safe and easy to reach, it is recommended you buy a contractor saw with storage space. This will ease your work and also make your work fast. However, in most cases, these storage spaces are always found underneath the contractor table saw.

9. RPM 

Table saws have different revolution per minute (RPM) which determines the speed which it takes to complete ripping. The effectiveness of the RPMs, however, complemented by power of the engine motor. As far as precision and perfectness are concerned, buying saw of lower RPM is advisable and vice-versa. Most table saw RPM however ranges between 3000-6000.

10. Table and extension surface

Most quality contractor table saw / extension are usually made up of cast iron or steel. They are always flat and firm which makes them deliver optimum result. They are also more durable than the inferior quality counterpart.

11. Vibration Protection

If you value your health than wealth, then you should consider buying a table saw that has vibration protection. This is because long time vibration may pose a serious health threat to you especially if you’re allergic to vibration.

Apart from your own comfort, you should also consider your neighbor’s comfort as they may also get disturbed by the vibration of the machine. This vibration is a result of the less stability of the table saw.

12. Ease of mobility 

Contractor table saws come in different weights which affect their ease of mobility. Originally, they are specially designed for sedentary use. However, if on the other hand you are someone who often moves around the site for cutting, kindly go for the lightweight portable saw. Especially the one with wheels or caster as they are always easy to move.

Contrarily, the lightweight, on the other hand, is less stable and easier to carry. They weigh around 200-250 pounds and give less accurate result. In general, all the weights options available in our guides are good and perfect for different use.

13. Warranty

Although to some people, the money spends on buying a table saw is cheap. However, to some people, it is quite expensive. For this reason, most products have a warranty period that ranges between 1-5 years which gives you the privilege to return the saw if you’re not satisfied with the table saw service. Additionally, some table saw, however, features a return policy.

14. Material quality

The durability of the table saw depends on the quality of the materials used to make it. Most metallic part of the table saw are made up of cast iron including the blade. This is because cast iron is very powerful and can resist all kinds of work you do on the machine.

Other materials like stainless steel, stamped metal, and many more can also be used. To cut harder materials like metals other than wood, diamond-tipped tungsten blade may be of significance.

15. Fence system and miter gauge

The fencing system, as well as the miter gauge, are also an important part of the table saw you need to consider. This is because they give rigidity, enhance performance and also helps to complement accuracy due to the readable scales equipped with some fence.

The fence may also act as a guide and it also allows you to cut a larger size table because it helps to extend the table surface.

16. Dust collector

To keep your environment clean and safe, you need a table saw with a dust collector. This is mostly necessary especially if you are working indoor or outdoor. Dust emitted to the environment may dirty the environment and also may pose a health hazard as it may cause allergy reaction in some people.

However, the contractor table saw with a dust collector extends the durability of the machine if properly managed. To manage properly, you should always prepare to empty the dust collector as and when due.

To allow you save time and effort when choosing a contractor table saw, we’ve helped you compiled the best contractor table saws that satisfy the features mentioned above.

Things to do before Using the Contractor Table Saw.

Before using your table saw, you are advised to wear some protective. This will keep you safe during and after the operation. Protective like the helmet is used to protect the head while hand glove is also used to protect the hand from injury.

In most cases, it is accompanied by the table saw blade guard. You are advised to keep it on while you do your work because it will help to protect you from injury during the operation. It is a very good practice to wear safety glasses or goggles during the operation.

Additionally, you can also wear apron or working coat to save your cloth from stain and dirt. The use of boots and goggle should not be waived. After all these have been achieved, you can then switch on the machine and start the work.

Although the contractor table saw work can be done with an ordinary miter saw as well, you will get full satisfaction from the process. However, you have to take care of it carefully for achieving the better performance. It is important for each and every user to pay attention to safety measures during the operation.

How to Use the Contractor Table Saw.

The best way to properly use your table saw is by checking and following the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Checking your materials:

You should always check your material before starting any kind of operation. This will help you achieve a flawless work and keep everything in perfect shape

Checking your blade:

It is also crucial to check your blade before starting the job. This will help you to maintain your sharpness and keep it safe from any kind of damage.

Preparation of the workpiece:

Before starting the cut, you have to prepare the workpiece. It is usually done by following some steps like measuring the material, marking it, cutting and checking its shape. You can also use a template to cut your material properly. After that, you can start cutting your material with safety.

Safety measures:

You should always keep sure to follow the safety measure during using your table saws. It is an important thing for you to ensure that you are not being harmed in any way by the process. You should also take care of your surroundings and protect them from the damages.


After completion of the work, you should always clean your table saw. This will help you to avoid doing your work in dusty and dirty environments. You should also keep your machine in proper and safe locations only. Your machine is a valuable thing for you that’s why you have to care it properly.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Most of the customers who buy contractor table saws have the following questions regarding their purchases. You can also ask these questions before purchasing a machine. All your doubts will be answered by our top rated table saw reviews. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on contractor table saw:

What’s the best brand for a table saw?

This question cannot be answered so easily because some brands are better than their counterparts. It basically depends on your needs and requirements including your budget and other preferences as well. For this reason, you will be better off if you look for the best brand that is suitable for your needs rather than only focusing on one specific item.

What is the most expensive table saw?

Well, this is a very common question asked by the people who are about to buy the machine. You will have to spend some amount depending on your preferences and requirements. However, you can find the most expensive table saw from a variety of brands including the top rated brands of this kind.

Where are Harvey table saws manufactured?

Harvey table saws are manufactured by a company called National Woodworking Machines. It is a renowned company in the world of table saws and other related power tools. Over the years, it has created various unique products with various specifications and options.

What are the benefits of contractor table saws?

You will get most of the benefits from this type of devices including keeping you away from any kind of injuries while you are working on delicate projects. You will also save your time as well as efforts and still achieve your objectives faster.

What is the difference between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw?

The main difference between contractor saws and cabinet saws are that they are designed for different purposes. You will find a lot of differences between these two kind of machines including their design, size, speed and other technical specifications.

How long does it take to set up a table saw?

It also depends on the kind of table saw that you are going to use in your house or office. It takes a few minutes to set up the machine properly. You just have to follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer and then you will be able to use it.

Can I use dado blade with a contractor table saw?

Yes, you can do so. The dado blade is specially designed to give wider cuttings of the wood and other materials.

Can I extend the initial table surface?

Depending on choice. If you wish to extend or reduce the table size, the contractor table saw can be of help.


We have come to the end of the guide and are happy to inform you that the best contractor table saw is widely used for different cuttings of woods and other materials. No matter how selective you are, you will definitely find your choice of a contractor table saw in this guide.

They are safe and give an accurate result for people who value professional work. They also have affordable prices which make them a choice of saw for all budget type. Aside from these, they are also very durable and produce fewer sounds and vibration because of their high stability.

You can even replace their parts when faulty as there are available spare part that fits your saw irrespective of their models.

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