The 6 Best Band Saw For Home Improvement Project

Best Band Saw

The band saw has a long metal strip in its structure. The texture of the tape is narrow and quite flexible. This strip is moving on two wheels that are located sharing the same vertical area. This tool has an excellent utility in the area of carpentry and metallurgy.

 Do you need a new band saw? Whether you do professional woodworking or just like making projects for the family, we have reviewed 6 of the Best Band Saw currently available in 2022. We’ll examine common features and benefits of each brand so that you can make an informed decision.

What Types of Band Saw Are There?

Generally, there are 2 types of band saw in the market, differentiated by their support. So, the first one the so-called mountain ranges, they are large saws, they are directly supported on the ground. They are usually fixed in a space, since their transport, due to their size and weight, is complicated.

The other types are the so-called table saws. You will need a support to place them. They are much smaller and portable. In contrast, the fixation is less.

Top 6 Best Band Saw Review

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. You need a bandsaw that suits your needs and projects. With that in mind, we have selected the top 6 best band saw based on quality and popularity.

We have tried to be as objective as possible. This means that we have not allowed the manufacturer’s good reputation to have a role in this review.

1. SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table: The Most Accurate

Best Band Saw

SWAG V3.0 band saw is specifically designed for those who desire quality results, while also working in a limited space.

Also, it allows operators to maximize its full potential by delivering precise cuts that you won’t need a filler rod when welding the joints together. With a functional and easy to assemble table, the band saw even become easier to operate with.

It allows you to cut and bent corners precisely and flawlessly, thereby welding them together will be barely needed. This band saw portability allows it to be moved around. Therefore you can use it anywhere, anytime and on any project.

What We Like It

  • It cuts precisely and flawlessly.
  • It is portable.
  • Its heavy weight allows it to be stable during operation.
  • It comes with an amazing foot pedal and an easy to assemble table.
  • It is well built, making it suitable for heavy duty projects.
  • Its standing feature allow you to work long-term without feeling fatigue.

What We Don’t Like It

  • The mounting hole is a bit tiny.

2. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12: The Most Comfortable

Best Band Saw

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 band saw is one of the tools that allow left handed to operate it comfortably with accurate results. This band saw is easy to use and you can easily change the blade while working.

It comes in a hard plastic case that gives it protection from any form of damage, thereby allowing you to carry it around for works. Among its benefits is that you can use it to defeat locks, in case you misplaced your keys.

It has a compact design and a very powerful battery that allows long-term operation. It is  light in weight and you won’t need to exert pressure on it for straight cut. Also, it will blink a few times, whenever you put pressure on it, so be rest assured of its long-term usage.

What We Like It

  • You can operate it with one hand.
  • It can cuts through hard materials flawlessly.
  • It operates quietly.
  • It is lightweight and powerful.

What We Don’t Like It

  • It operates very slowly.

3. Milwaukee 6232-21: The Most Rugged and Durable

Best Band Saw

Built like a tank, Milwaukee 6232-21 band saw offers you unlimited usage by allowing you to cut through anything or operate it for long-term hours. This band saw will operate for hours upon hours and it can also resist rough treatments such as falling down, etc.

Though, it’s a bit heavy, but that is an advantage, because it contributes to the cutting of materials.

This power tool comes with an inbuilt light that helps guide your cuts, thereby allowing you to cut smoothly and flawlessly at a faster pace. This band saw also offers you an extra depth and wider cut. It also has a guide that twist the blade, which allow you to make a perpendicular cut on rebar and pipes.

What We Like It

  • It is powerful and has an excellent adjustment ability.
  • It has a heavy weight.
  • It is well built and works long-term.
  • It cuts smoothly and precisely.
  • It is portable and operates quietly.
  • The manufacturer customer support is excellent.

What We Don’t Like It

  • It can only cut materials of 4.5 diameter.
  • It cannot be operated with one hand due to its heaviness.

4. Milwaukee 2429-20: Best for Tight Space Work

Best Band Saw

Milwaukee 2429-20 is a powerful tool, that can cut through job site materials such as threaded rods, steel bolts, Unistrut, etc., especially when you are operating it in a tight space.

It is small in size and light in weight, which makes it easy to carry around plus you can even use it inside your house without making mess or causing fire hazard that emanate from chop saw.

 Homeowners, who feared the usage of hacksaw can also use this tool, as it allow them to cut steel and woods smoothly and precisely.

What We Like It

  • It is small and light in weight, which makes it to be portable.
  • It is very easy to operate.
  • It has a long lasting battery.
  • It operates quietly with no sparks.
  • It cuts through materials accurately.
  • It allows you to operate it with one hand without experiencing arm fatigue.

What We Don’t Like It

  • It is not easy to maneuver.

5. Makita XBP02Z 18V Portable Band Saw: Highly Efficient

Best Band Saw

A killer saw, Makita XBP02Z band saw will not fail to impress you. This powerful tool features a wide range of variable speed and can cut through materials such as steels, woods, etc., with its sharp razor blade, without stalling the machine or slow it down. Though, it has a big size, but it is light in weight compared to other band saw.

It also feature a hook that allow you to hang it up when not in use in situations where you are working on a ladder. It comes with a long lasting battery that charges quickly and also allow you to operate it long-term for heavy duty jobs.

 It allows you to cut materials in environment where it’s difficult to keep the cord hanging around. Its LED light helps illuminate your work, thereby allow the work to be more efficient and accurate.

What We Like It

  • It is light in weight.
  • It is well built.

What We Don’t Like It

  • The saw makes a very loud sound during operation.
  • It is made of light weight materials.

6. WEN 3962 Band Saw: Best for Collecting Dust

Best Band Saw

WEN 3962 is an amazing band saw that allows you to cut through materials smoothly and accurately, due to it balanced wheels. This power tool is easy to assemble.

Its robust size and heavy weight allow it to cut through materials, without much stress. It also tracks well during cutting, which makes it to provide smooth results without leaving any saw mark.

 It features a dust collector that helps prevent the dust from escaping to the air or messing the working place. Among the work it does are, curve cutting, resawing, tenon cuts, etc.

What We Like It

  • It has a robust size and a heavy weight.
  • It operates smoothly and quietly.

What We Don’t Like It

  • It vibrates.
  • It has a heavy weight, which makes it difficult to be moved around.
  • It doesn’t come with an instruction or owners manual.
  • Changing of the blade is a bit difficult.

Benefits of Using Band Saw

Also referred to as band saws, band saws are tools that are used for cutting. Though, an abrasive wheel is also included in the tool, but it is optional. Since they have abrasive wheel used to cut through materials, they are sometimes referred to as blades. This power tool is great for cutting through timber and metal materials. There are few of the common benefits that you can gain when you are using this amazing machine.

Easy to Move around

This power tool is easy to move around, as it has a stable base and a slot for the blades. This aid you in cutting materials without much trouble and mess as well. You can also launch wood or metal materials easily, as they are light in weight. So, this band saw is not only easy to move around, but also operate.


Band saws are known to be safe and great for barbers because it cuts through tough materials safely and accurately allowing the operator to work with ease and accuracy. This is one of the reasons people prefer using this type of tool for working with dead material because it helps you cut through them without making any parts loose.

Improved Speed

The speed of movement of the blade can be adjusted, depending on the materials you are cutting through. This allows you to cut materials more accurately and smoothly without getting injured from the flying materials. So, if you are looking for a power tool that will allow you to cut through your materials more quickly with ease, then this is great for such tasks.


The nature of this machine is very simple and easy to maintain. It doesn’t need much attention to operate, and you can clean up the debris with ease. The great thing is that you don’t have to much effort put in to maintain it and operate it smoothly.

Versatile use

The versatile use of this tool will allow you to cut through materials such as wood, metal, etc. Depending on your need, you can decide on the material that you will cut through first. You can cut through dead material before starting with the other services that require more advanced team like shed roofing. So, this tool is versatile enough for work with different materials and types of services. This is another great advantage in using this product.

What to Look for When Choosing a Band Saw

A band saw is a tool of great utility in the industry that bases its production on metal, wood and its derivatives.

Choosing a Band Saw

Due to the effort made by this tool, the band saw is made with a highly resistant steel, making it able to withstand the various working conditions to which it is subjected. Let’s see some general characteristics that the best band saw should have:

1. Type

The type of band saw that is or will buy may be an important factor for you to decide. There are 3 types of band saw: Vertical, Horizontal, and Benchtop/Portable.

a. Vertical Band Saw

The vertical band saws are workhorses in a manufacturing facility. They are mainly used to cut metal bars and tubes. These type of saws are often fastened to a stand and kept stationary so that you can easily make a large amount of cuts in sheet metal. The vertical band saw is typically the largest and most powerful of the three types.

b. Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal band saws are very similar to the vertical version. The main difference between the two is that horizontal saws are mounted on a table rather than fixed to a steel stand. This makes the horizontal band saw much easier to move, set up and take down.

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c. Benchtop Band Saw

The benchtop or portable band saw is an option for the smaller shop that doesn’t have the need for a larger band saw. These types of saws are ideal for cutting smaller pieces of wood, metal and plastic. They often lack the power needed to handle large sheets of metal. Benchtop band saws are typically used in the shop on a table, with the blades rotating above you.

2. Power Source

The power of the band saw comes from the motor. The power of the motor, in turn, is defined by the number of horsepower (HP) it produces. Remember that the higher the horsepower rating, the larger you can cut and faster you will be able to cut it. Also remember that the more horsepower, the more work force you will have to control the saw. The amount of power required by a band saw varies depending on whether you buy a high-power saw or a low-power saw.

3. Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a band saw is the maximum diameter you can cut. This measurement is normally taken at the center of the blade and excludes any kind of railing or support that may be on the saw.

4. Speed

If you want more control over the speed of a bandsaw, then you need to find one that offers different speed options. A variable speed setting usually has a range of speeds that you can move through by simply turning a knob. The speed knob will have various settings, such as slow, medium and fast.

5. Frame/Body

If you’re looking for a durable and strong frame, then you need to look for one that’s made of cast iron. A cast iron band saw frame will be a little heavier than a steel frame, but it will also be more durable. You should also look at the rack and pinion guides that are located on both sides of the blade. These guides help the blade move up and down smoothly and are made of metal.

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1. Hardness

The teeth must have an extreme hardness able to resist upsetting, matrixing and settling without any friction occurring in the machine. The teeth must have a very sharp edge, not to close over them, and they must be so tight that they are able to remain in the working material, always in contact and forming a part of it.

2. Solidity

It is important that this tool has tenacity when faced with strong impacts related to the cut that it must perform. The vibrations generated by the radial saw must be absorbed by the structure of the machine, which must be solid, non-elastic and not have any plasticity.

3. Resistance

The saw must be structured with elements that are largely resistant to bending fatigue. Thus, each component will have a very high life, since the resistance to the bending of the element is far greater than that to cracking or impact.

4. Elasticity

An optimum saw must always maintain its tension and rectitude. The tool is manufactured to make great efforts. Its composition must be kept intact before the high temperatures to which it will subject each work in progress.

5. Flatness

The level of tolerance of the machine must be broad to support the intensity of the tasks that must be performed. The tape must remain firm despite the thermal stresses to which it is subjected as well as the great efforts that must be made during the sawing.

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The quality of the selected band saw will guarantee the useful life of the machine. For this reason, recognized tools must be acquired in the market due to their resistance.

How to Use a Band Saw?

Before starting with your cuts you should check if the band saw is well sharpened, distributed and if it is not damaged or heated. The heating of the band saw is manifested by the violet color that it acquires after cooling it.

  • Adjust the blade tension of the band saw according to the factory instructions. The blade must be tight enough so that it does not slip or deflect when cutting, but be careful as a too-tight blade can damage the saw.
  • Hold the material to be cut with both hands so that the body is out of reach beyond the level of the band saw.
  • Do not cut the material by force.
  • Start the cut until you get the full cutting speed.
  • In case of cutting large pieces it is necessary to use the solid guide. When finishing the cut of the material use the means of subjection.
  • The band saw must be changed and stopped regularly in order to preserve the mechanical characteristics of the tape material.
  • In no case can the band saw be heated. If this is the case, stop the tape, distribute it once it has cooled down and sharpen it, eventually check its flatness. To avoid heating, it is necessary to sharpen and respect the cutting conditions.
  • Remove the tape in case of cracks in them.
  • After finishing the job you should always loosen the saw blade.

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Here is a video tutorial on how to use a band saw:

Security Measures to Take into Account

Safety must be a constant premise when using any DIY tool. But when it comes to a band saw, it becomes fundamental. You should be especially focused and carry out the following points.

  • Make a good fixation of the tool to the floor or to the work table.
  • Know, in advance, how the tool works. To do this, help yourself with the instruction book or some expert person.
  • You should wear eye protection, and if you can, safety mask for the face.
  • Make sure you fix the guides correctly. If it is a table band saw, and if it has wheels, fry them.
  • Be careful with your hands. You must keep your hands on the sides of the sheet.
  • To cut narrow pieces, the use of a retention guide (Fence) and a push stick is recommended.
  • Keep the surface where you are working clean from objects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, when you selecting the best band saw for you, different types of queries comes to your head. Here is a list of those frequently asked questions:

What band saw for woodworking?

The one you need depends on what type of woodworking projects you have. If you’re interested in small woodworking projects and don’t need a large table saw, then a band saw is perfect for you. It takes more time to cut through material than it does with a table saw, but it can still be used to create intricate cuts and shapes when used correctly.

What kind of bandsaw should I get?

There are many different types of bandsaws, so you should definitely check out your local hardware store and ask them which type suits you best. Check out what features they have, such as sawing capacity, blade types, and safety mechanisms. Once you know the features of the saws, you can narrow down what type is best for your needs.

Are bandsaws worth it?

Many woodworkers are on the fence about bandsaws. Some say that they are worth it and that they’re able to make some amazing cuts, while others say that they break easily and aren’t worth their price. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in fine woodworking projects and making intricate cuts and designs, then it might be worth the extra cost to get a bandsaw. But if you’re just cutting large pieces of wood, than a table saw would be more practical and less expensive.

Is bandsaw good for wood?

It depends on what type of bandsaw you get. Most table saws are more precise. They can achieve the same cuts, but might take a little bit longer. If you want to create intricate designs and need something that can make very small cuts, than a bandsaw will be better for you. But if you just want to cut large pieces and are going for precision, it’ll be better to go with a table saw.

Which is better band saw or table saw?

The table saw is usually used for precise cuts and micro-surfaces, while the bandsaw is better for larger projects, such as cutting logs. This is because of the whole band saw being flexible and having a lot more safety features.

A table saw might be better if you’re cutting huge pieces, but a bandsaw will get you more precise cuts and different designs.

What is the throat of a band saw?

The throat is the maximum distance that you can cut through a piece of wood. Since it’s a flexible blade, you are able to saw through much more material than most table saws. For example, if you wanted to cut a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood in half, you would be able to do so using a bandsaw.

What can I cut with a bandsaw?

You can cut anything that can fit through the throat of the band saw. This includes wood, aluminum, plastic, and metals. You can also cut intricate designs, such as intricate cut outs and inlays.

How to turn wooden parts?

It is easy to turn wooden parts using a bandsaw. Start by marking where you want the part to turn and make a mark to indicate the of the part. Once this is done, place it between two guide blocks so that the blade runs along both sides of your part.


Taking into account the opinions of experts and users in the network such as the size and type of blade, that are appropriate to the materials and type of work to be done, the cutting capacity and ease of use and installation.

We can recommend Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Band Saw W/Case for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, who have preference for high-quality and easy to operate band saws.

This band saw is a very useful tools both in workshops and for DIY work, since it allow transversal cuts in a variety of materials such as wood, iron, plastic, among others, as well as being easy to install and quite stable.

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